Saturday, June 30, 2012

Week 5 Day 6 of RushFit

Week 5 Day 6 = Cardio + Combination Plank + Building Sand Castles + Playing in the Water and on the Beach

I started my day off by needing to go pee for nearly an hour or so, but I couldn't get myself up to get out of the tent and go to the bathroom. I wanted to sleep, but didn't. Silly me. I know...too much information. After I FINALLY got up and made the trip to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth and went out for my run. Cardio was C25K. I walked the Warm Up, Jogged the whole time, then walked the Cool Down. So I could do a 5K run. Next stop 10K training. I will finish my crazy C25K training but also work on the 10K Trainer. I might try and do a 10k in the fall. Any suggestions from my friends from the Kitchener/Waterloo area would be greatly appreciated.
Once I got back from my run, I ate breakfast and then I did my Combination Plank for a little Core Work. 7 minutes.

We then spent most of the day at the beach. Had loads of fun in the beautiful sun.

Unfortunately I cannot upload any pictures from my phone onto my blog. I will post some pictures on Monday's blog. Because I know that you will all want to see the CLEANED UP S'mores again. The recipes for these can be found on May 23rd's blog post.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Camper's Omelet
This was made up of 5 egg whites, orange pepper, diced and chopped green onions. I prepared this at home before we left yesterday. I prepped enough for 2 omelets. My third breakfast I will have my Multi-Grain Pancakes with Raspberries & Honey. I had one serving left in the freezer so I thought I would bring it along. You know how much I love these pancakes.

I also had some raspberries today too. OF COURSE!

Lunch: Turkey on a Bun
Lunch at the beach. We made up some turkey sandwiches on whole wheat buns. Served along with some green grapes. It was so HOT at the beach, I downed a bottle of Blue Gatorade.

Dinner: Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs/Green Grapes and Homemade Potato Chips

Campfire Snack: Cleaned Up S'More
Enough said.

Rest Day tomorrow. Which will be very similar to today.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night.


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