Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 6 Day 1 of RushFit

Week 6 Day 1 = Explosive Power Training

I was going to take this week off because of my holidays...BUT...I have decided to TRY and keep up with my RushFit workouts throughout this week of holidays.  It will be tough, but I am going to try.

I woke up this morning to my alarm at 8AM(NOT 5:30AM) to begin with the take down of our camping gear.  Before starting that, I did take the time to nourish my body with breakfast.  I did not go for a run or do Yoga or do any other form of exercise.  Take down of the campsite is a workout in itself, especially when the sun is shining down on you and the temperatures are high, and that they were.  Each and every time we go camping we get quicker at this part of the trip, as well as the setup.  Practice makes perfect.  We had everthing packed up and ready to go 1 hour earlier than check out time.  Since we live only minutes from the campsite, we were home and getting things ready for our next adventure.  Laundry is being done, watering plants and grass, packing different clothes and a little R & R is happening too. 

I am posting this blog post early today so that I can get all the things done that are needing to be done...which includes my workout for today yet.  I will get it in there.

I want to know if any of my followers/readers of my blog have made the CLEANED UP Marshmallows yet???  I know that they may seem like a lot of work especially when you can pick up a bag at the grocery store for a few dollars.  Remember though...the big difference there is that you are WORTH the time you put into these AND you are choosing the healthier option...PLUS...according to my son, "these are the BEST marshmallows in the world".  Let me know.

Here are a few pictures of our camping weekend that I couldn't share with you while I was away...

                                                                      Beach Fun!

                                                    Waiting on the beach for the fireworks to start.

My Camping Breakfasts
I enjoyed the Omelette for the first 2 mornings and the Multi-Grain Pancakes today.

This was one of my dinners while we were camping. 
SO Good! And SO healthy!

This was lunch at the restuarant after we all got cleaned up and felt human again.
Salmon with veggies.

ALWAYS make good choices everyday and you will reach your goals.

Even though this doesn't look that healthy, it is a better choice.  See May 23rd's blog post for the recipes.

Well I must go do my workout now.  I don't know if I will get any pictures up over the next few days, but I will keep you posted and I will do a recap at the end of the week.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Have a great night!


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