Monday, July 2, 2012

Week 6 Day 2 of RushFit

Week 6 Day 2 = Cardio + Stretch for Flexibility

Our next adventure began today at Wild Water Kingdom. So needless to say...I did not get to my workout in until...tonight at the hotel fitness centre. I carried on with my C25K training for my cardio plus 10-15 minutes more of fast paced walking. I then did the RushFit Stretch for Flexibility in the hotel room.
I also got some strength training and cardio in going up the hills of the water slides at the water park. I ALSO felt very comfortable walking around in my 2-piece bathing cover up needed. Yay!

The kids are wiped out and I am feeling it too.

Now I am saying good night. Talk to you tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!


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