Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Day 24 of 35

Day 24 = Sculpt + Walking

My Sculpt workout did not happen today and I knew that some of my workouts may not fit in with our holiday this week and that is why I added the extra week onto my Brazil butt Lift Program plan.  We did do A LOT of walking again today.  So much that, there was A LOT of whining going on by our kids too.  Stress levels where on the rise as the day went on.  Keep Calm and Stay Strong Trina...Keep Calm.  Once we got back to the hotel we hit the pool for a little bit.  So with the walking and swimming I figure I got my workout in for today.  I think I will also do some crunches and push ups before I crawl into bed for the night.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Veggie Pita Pizza
Who says you can't have a healthy Pita Pizza for breakfast????  Especially when you're on holiday!!!

It tasted just great even though it was cold.

Snack: Fruit Plate with Plain Yogurt
I didn't eat the yogurt, but the fruit was great!

Lunch: Cashew Teriyaki Salad

If you do go to McD's they DO have some healthier choices.  They might not be totally clean, but at least they are a healthier choice.  I did not use the dressing provided.

Snack: Phatsoslim Protein Bar/BetterBee Honey Candy

Dinner: Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa and Garden Vegetables

I enjoyed this salmon dinner tonight more so than the one last night.  There was much more flavor to it.


Even though I didn't get my Sculpt workout in today, I was sitting in the restuarant tonight enjoying this meal, wearing a pair of size 6 jeans that I bought myself today.  Such a great feeling!  I will post a picture of them tomorrow or the next day.  It didn't happen overnight though...through hard work and determination, I have come down about 4 pants sizes.  You can do it too!  Start today and commit to yourself...start your journey to become a healthier version of YOU!

I know YOU can do it!  I believe in YOU! 
Believe in YOU too!

Snack: Smart Food Popcorn
On our way back from dinner we stopped into a store and pick some popcorn up.  My kids love this stuff.  I guess they get it from me.  I do LOVE popcorn.

Well...tomorrow we have a fun filled day planned and I'm not 100% sure if I will be able to get the 2 Brazil Butt Lift Workouts in before we start the day.  In our fun filled day, there will be more walking involved for sure.  If I don't get my workouts done in the morning I will try to get them done later on tomorrow night if we get back home at a reasonable hour.  I think I will need a holiday to recover from this holiday.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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