Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 2 of Round 2 Body Revolution - Kickstart

Day 2 = Workout 2 + Cardio 1 + Workout 2 AGAIN

I was solo this morning doing these workouts. My husband wasn't quite ready to get up a 4am...to tell you the truth...neither was I.  He told me yesterday that he would do the workout after work today.  I couldn't wait though, I had to get this day started off RIGHT!  I woke up at my regular weekday time of 5:30am and got my butt downstairs to workout.  I had to get it done in time to get my son up and ready for his first day back to school as a Grade 2 student.

My little man...so proud.

I have forgotten many of the moves in Body Revolution.  I don't mean in "how" to do them, but rather the order in which they are to be done.  It's so nice to be back doing them again.  Even though this is only my second day into the program again, I definitely think Jillian's program is the best for me.  I have probably said this many times before...BUT...I will say it again.  It's the short workout times that work best for me.  I know that in 30 minutes I will be done, with a great calorie burn to show for it. 

Workout 2 works the back of the body, plus some abs work.  I used 10 lb dumbbells pretty much for most of this workout where weights were needed.  I even pulled out my ankle weights for the Donkey Kicks and kept them on for a few other moves too.  For the Pelvic Thrusts, I grabbed my 25 lb plate and placed it on my abdomen and lifted and lowered.  I did this for the second round of the circuit.  That was all the FIRST time through it today.

That's right!  I had to support my husband on his journey too, so I did the workout a second time this evening before dinner.  The kids joined in too.  There wasn't much space but we all managed to get through it.  This time around I curled my 15 lb dumbbells for the Hammer Curls...twice.  And I used the 25 lb plate again for the Pelvic Thrusts...twice.  My husband wants to do Cardio 1 in the morning...YIKES...that means getting up at 4am.  Zzzzzzzzz

I will quickly run down my food for today and then get to bed.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Poached Eggs with Bacon & Tomato

Lunch: Chef's Salad with Chicken(not tuna)

Snack: Hummus and Carrots
I thought I had 2 containers of Plain Greek Yogurt in the fridge...well I did, but one was BAD.  So I decided to have Hummus again instead of the Pecan Yogurt Crunch.

Dinner: A Little Bit of Sole with a Salad
I had sole fillets in the freezer that I thought I better use up before buying some Tilapia

Tonight I made up the Vegetable Soup that is to be eaten for lunch tomorrow, it smells WONDERFUL.  I didn't make this soup the first time I did the Kickstart.  It just finished simmering so I shut it off and had a little taste, because that's what ALL great chefs do...it tastes as good as it smells.  Looking for to lunch tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. three workouts today... amazing! I have to agree with you on Jillian's workouts being the best. I am a working mom of 3 and by the time I get around to doing it is about 10:00 at night so I absolutely spent but know that I can do 30 minutes. I hope she comes up with another program similar to this. Keep Up the great work. I could hardly believe your before picture. You look amazing!!

  2. Oh I too am on my second round and find my self being able to do moves I completely struggled with the first time around so I push the up button with more weights etc...

    1. Hey Elaine,

      That is FANTASTIC!!!! Keep up the great work!
      Thanks so much for reading and fr the kind words. Those kind words keep me going.

      Thank you and Stay Strong!