Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 4 of Round 2 Body Revolution - Kickstart

Day 4 = Workout 1 + Cardio 1

Back to the front of the body today...and another 4am start to the day.  I would like to say it is getting easier but my little girl came into the bed during the night and she was flip flopping around so last night's sleep wasn't the greatest.  The workouts were great though.  I was done both Workout 1 and Cardio 1 at 5:13am this morning. 
After my shower I made and ate my breakfast...then what??? I guess I could have cleaned up the house...blah...I would rather workout more. I didn't do either. I went upstairs and sat in my orange chair and started this blog post. I didn't get very far though. I think I only typed the title and the subtitle. You see, my orange chair reclines...uh oh...not good. The time was about 6:35am and I needed to wake my children up at 7:00am.  I did doze off for a few minutes...not good.  I am really not one for taking naps during the day.  I always feel like crap once I wake up and this was no different.  I may have passed out for maybe 15 minutes and I wish I hadn't.  Tomorrow will be different...I promise.

I will talk more about the workouts over the weekend when I have more time.  Along with my plans for the weeks after the Kickstart.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Egg White Omelet with Green Onions & Peppers served with Tomato Slices & Avocado

Here is a breakfast that I want to try out next week...

Lunch: Salmon Salad
My yummy Salmon Salad that I enjoy so very much. 

Today I was hit by a little salmon thief...

Cheeky little sod...she posed for this last picture. 
Oh well, I'm glad she likes salmon too.

Snack: Pecan Yogurt Crunch
This hit the spot.  My husband and I actually ate these after dinner tonight.  We both needed this snack.

Dinner: Steak served with a Salad

Steak dinner is always good.  I like mine Medium Rare.

Look what I bought tonight...

I will be checking it out next week.  I may look at it over the weekend, but I won't be doing the workout until next week.  Since the Kickstart will be over, I will need something else to fill in the time since I am getting up at 4am now.  I did however, inform my husband that next Thursday I will most likely NOT be getting up at 4am, as the night before is the Madonna concert.  If I am only getting home then, well...that's a different story.
Tonight we went out to pick up a few more things for my little girl's first day of school tomorrow.  She is SO excited!  It will be one of those Happy/Sad days that we all experience in life.  And I am such an emotional sap, I will probably get all teary eyed at the bus stop.  I'll walk back home sobbing probably.  If I do, I will video my silly self.  We had our meet the teacher interview yesterday morning, just for a half an hour, and my daughter didn't want to leave.  I'm so proud of my little girl, she is going to love it!  At the store tonight, both my son and daughter were acting totally crazy and driving me nuts, I couldn't wait to get back home and put them in bed.  My son is tired from being back in school all day and my daughter, like I said is VERY excited about tomorrow.  Ahhh! Quiet time, finally.  I know it's not fitness related but I WILL be posting pictures of her first day of Junior Kindergarten.  It will be related to Staying Strong though...I have to keep it together.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


These are for ME...

...and anyone else who has a little one going to school for the first time.
Stay Strong!

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  1. Hi Trina,

    Sounds like you are on the right track on the second round. I started my second round last Monday too. I have to sit down and plan my meals better though. I have my BR meal plan book with me and will work on that. I am going to have to make the vegetable soup after hearing how good it is.

    I also got the new ab video. I was too excited and did that Saturday instead of the cardio. I really enjoyed it. She used a lot of combo moves which were fun. I have never felt my obliques so sore!

    Staying strong. Kristi