Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 36 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 36 = Workout 5's nice to be back to working out after a gorgeous feast like the one at my Mum and Dad's yesterday.  Today was a day to spend with my husband and children.  After sleeping in a bit this morning, I got up and hit Workout 5.  All that I could smell while working out was a burning smell, a pumpkin pie burning smell...the pumpkin pie that I consumed yesterday.  Oh yeah!  The calories were burning away this morning.
 It was back to the training of the Triceps this morning...more like TORTURING the triceps.  Ah...but it's all good and ALL worth it!  My arms are worth it!  NO wings! 

Over this last week while I have been sort of down and out with this cold, I say, "sort of", because I have still been getting my  workouts done.  My meals have been pretty good but I haven't had the energy that I normally do.  After being at my parents home yesterday and talking with one of my sisters, she told me she too was suffering from the same type of symptoms I had.  No energy being the biggest one of all.  That is exactly how I have felt for the past week.  I have felt lazy and I don't like it one bit.  Yes it's nice to take a rest or a break once in awhile.  But, to feel like you want to crawl into bed and sleep at any chance you can get, is not so nice.  Not for me anyway.  Too much to do.  Like grocery shopping, I didn't go yesterday and today everything was shut.  So this week I may just follow Jillian's 7-day Kick Start meal plan again.  And take this week to recover fully from this nasty cold and get back to being ME.  The REAL me. 

The REAL me that posts inspiring things to keep all of you going.  I don't feel like I have done that this past week and a bit.  I want to thank ALL of you who have kept reading and following along.  Since starting this blog way back in February of this year my blog has had hit almost 70,000 page views.  THANK YOU!!!

Stay Strong!

Good night


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