Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 41 & 42 of Round 2 Body Revolution + OPA Oktoberfest Classic

Okay we are all going to get into my time machine and travel back a Day 41.

Day 41 = Cardio 2 + OPA Oktoberfest Classic Show

My day began as every Saturday begins, me waking up, getting dressed in my workout clothes, brushing my teeth and heading downstairs to do my cardio.  Cardio 2 was a bit challenging as I am still battling this cough that is ALL part of this cold that I have.  I know that I keep going on about my cold, but IT keeps going on and on and on.  I have had enough!  I felt okay besides the coughing, until Jillian gets to second set of Towel Runs.  Remember the part where she talks about throwing up...this is the only part in this workout that I DO NOT like.  Normally I plug my ears while she talks about it, but this time I thought I can't get any worse.  I have had headaches that come and go, and very painful too, right behind and above my left eye.  So the jumping in Cardio 2 doesn't seem to help much.  Or does it?  It helps me mentally, because by getting my Cardio 2 workout done, it keeps me motivated to carry on on this journey of mine.  Once I was finished I was pleased with myself for getting it done.  I decided not to do Killer Abs, but rather, I did a Plank Hold instead...I held it for about 2 minutes 38 seconds.  That was enough for me for the day, well for formal a workout anyway.  I had to get this house cleaned up and some food made up for my Maus Wear Open House that I was having today(Sunday).  So off to cleaning and setting up the main floor of our home.  I cleaned and baked and set up and cleaned some more.  By mid afternoon I wanted to get some hot rollers in my hair for my night out.  So I put my hot rollers in my hair(next time I will take a picture) and continued to clean and set up and bake up a storm.

I made some Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies, Chocolate Chip Carrot Cookies and White Chocolate Graspberry Jelly Cookies.  It was all about the cookies.  I also made a Carrot Cake.  A day full of work before an evening of inspiration and admiration.  I finished cleaning up the kitchen and finished getting ready to go out to the OPA Oktoberfest Classic Show at the Holiday Inn in Kitchener Ontario.  I live in Waterloo so is was not far for me to go.  I was going to see Tosca Reno take first prize in the Grand Masters Bikini Competition...and that SHE DID!

She looked beautiful out there on stage.  All her work, and her coach, Rita Catolino's work, paid off...BIG time. Great work ladies!

Here she is "Doing the walk" to the back of the stage...
She looks FAB!

I had a really good seat.  After searching for a parking spot outside, I thought I was going to be late for the show.  Once inside the hotel I saw the line up and I thought Holy Crap(no not the cereal)...I'll never get in.  All dressed up and I don't get to the show...not the case.
Since I purchased my ticket online the other day I was able to go to the front of the line, they said I would have a seat in the room.  Since I went by myself I only needed one seat and this is the seat I sat behind...
The row in front of me was reserved for The Eat-Clean Diet people, friends or family.  It was great because I was in the first row right behind the VIP section.  I was wanting to go to the ALL day event that began at 11AM but I could not, as my husband was to be going camping this same weekend.  I could only get a babysitter for the evening show, so it was all a bit last minute.  I'm just glad I bought my ticket online because that line up was PRETTY long.  It turned out though that my husband did NOT go camping due to the weather.  I told him he had to sleep out in the backyard anyway...hehehe...he did NOT.  Anyway, he stayed home with the kids while I had this night out.

Little did he know this is what I was going to see...

The "Pose Down"

It was very inspiring to see so many men and women in such great shape.  And that of all ages.  With the past 2 weeks dealing with this cold, I have be feeling like crap and feeling a little out of shape.  But sitting there last night I felt good about myself and thought of how far I have come on my own journey.  I know that I am far from being stage ready, but I know that it would be attainable if that is the route I would like my journey to go on.  I don't know I would have what it takes to get up there in front of all those people and shake my A$$ like the ladies in the Bikini Competition did.  I applaud ALL the ladies that were up on that stage.  And the men too.  You looked AWESOME!  Your bodies looked amazing!  ALL of your hard worked paid off even if you didn't place in the top 5.  You got up on that stage and you shined. You should be proud.

Feeling proud...that's what I felt.  And a little bit silly for feeling that way.  When Tosca won, I was so happy for her, I could have started crying(tears of joy of course) if I had let my sappy-self go.  But I held it together and continued to take some pictures to share with you.  It was just like when the Fitness Under 10 years old competitors were up there waiting for the winners to be announced.  There were only two little girls, but it just made me think of my own little girl and how proud I would be of her, if that would have been her up there on that stage.  I mean, I am very proud of what she is doing now in her first year of school, and the fitness stage may not be her thing, but I knew that those girls parents were probably beaming with pride.  I was happy for ALL the winners last night.

Day 42 = Rest Day

Rest Day...ha!  What's that?  It was more cleaning and setting up and cutting fruits and veggies.  I had planned an Open House for my business Maus Wear, a shopping party of sorts.

Here is a cool panoramic view of my dining room/showroom.  All cleaned up and ready to sell some Maus Wear products.

It was a bit disappointing and frustrating though...people say they are going to come and they don't show up.  My friend Courtney had her display of Stella & Dot jewellery set up and we waited and waited.  We had a great chat about the show, eating right and blogging.  Courtney also has a blog and writes about her own fitness journey... Even though today wasn't the greatest of days for sales, it was a great day because I was able to get the main floor of my house cleaned up and organized.  Let's just hope my children can keep it clean and tidy.  Ha...What's that?  Now we just have to work on the rest of the house.
I had some reading material out for the guests to take a look at while they were here.  Well above you can see my children checking out an issue of Oxygen Magazine.  I went into the other room after I took this picture and I heard my son say, "Fire Up Your Legs & Guts" LOL The article is titled, "Fire Up Your Legs & Glutes".  I love listening to my children read out loud.  It's AWESOME!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Raisin Bran Cereal

Snack: Chocolate Chip Carrot Cookie


Lunch: Fruits, Veggies, Shrimp

                                 I snacked on some of the food that I had set out for the shoppers.

Snack: Chocolatey Fruit Bowl
                              I grabbed some of the fruit and drizzled some dark chocolate over top of it.  Yum!

Dinner: Salmon with a BIG Salad
It was nice to get back to an actual meal.  My taste buds are not working that well though from this cold because the food just tasted like...well...nothing.  I couldn't even eat the whole salad.

It felt like it was a waste of good salmon.  But it wasn't, it will do my body good.  Maybe it will even help kick this cold out the frickin' door.  I will eat it again tomorrow. And the day after that.  I am going to make up another batch of Vegetable soup again tomorrow or the next day.  That's all my husband wants to eat while he is sick.  He has the man ladies know what I'm talking about...Right?
"Ooh, I'm sick, I can't do anything...I think the world is coming to an end"...blah blah blah...Get over it!
I'm sick too...and the world still goes on and on and on...

Snack: Carrot Cake
I had this piece of Carrot Cake in honor of Tosca's BIG win.  That's how she celebrated last night after her win.  She had Dom with hers though.

                                                                        I just had the cake.

Tomorrow I start the second half of Phase 2.  I move onto Workouts 7 & 8 this week.  Tomorrow I kick it off with Workout 7.  If I recall correctly, I will be doing Crow Push Ups in the morning.  Bring it ON!

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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