Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 43 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 43 = Workout 7

I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!  This one is my FAVOURITE Body Revolution workout.  Lucky 7!!!!

It is because of the love I have for this workout that got me out of bed this morning.  Last night's sleep was okay but brutal.  Besides my husband and I in the bed...there was first our probably one of the cats(Indy) first, then our son and I woke up to our daughter in the bed too, again using me as her foot rest, then head rest, then back to the foot rest again.  I contemplated staying in bed trying to get a few more winks, but I thought with it being so crowded, I was better off getting my workout done instead and maybe having a nap later(that didn't happen).

Workout 7 starts out with a BANG after the warm up.  Crow Push Ups...LOVE THEM...but...the second time around I had to do them from my knees...WTF?!?!?  It's because my strength had decreased a bit over the last two weeks from this illness, the one in which has almost left my body.  Or at least that's what I am trying to tell my body.  My head felt clearer this morning, no head aches, no sneezing, just a little blowing of the nose and that silly tickley cough is still lingering.  If you have been suffering with this same thing...then you know what I am talking about.   Anyway...back to 7...I pushed the UP button with my weights and ROCKED this workout to the end.  Thursday I won't be going to the knees for those Push Ups...I promise.

If my blog looks at bit different over the next few days it's because I changing things up.  I want to add some things and take some things away.  So don't panic if a button shows up but it doesn't do will eventually.  I don't have much time to work on things like this and I am not a Super-Computer-Blogger-Know-It-All, I don't have people to do these things for me, so I have to figure them out on my own.  So please be patient.

I posted this next bit on my Facebook page "A Healthier Version of Me and You"

Okay so here's the deal...once this page of mine,  hits 200 LIKEs and my Blog,
reaches 100 followers, I will register for the Toronto Tough Mudder 2013. 
So spread the word to friends, family, co-workers, the world. 
Lets try to get this done before the price increases on November 8th, or I might have to start asking for donations....LOL Just kidding. It would be cool to have a sponsor though. I'm going to work on that. Spread the WORD!!!

After I complete my second Round of Body Revolution I am going to start on the Tough Mudder Boot Camp Circuits.  I will blog my way through them and all the way up to the event itself.  It would be so cool to wear a camera and show you my journey through the Tough Mudder itself...something I will try and work on.  That way you will see for yourself what the Tough Mudder is ALL about.

Spread the Word...

I am going to cut this post off today to try and work on the additions to my blog layout.  I wish you all a very good night and make sure you got your workout done for today.  If not, take 10 minutes and do a mini workouts...Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Plank it Out for as long as you can, Squats, and make sure you stretch it out before you call it a night.  Stay Strong!

Workout 8 in the morning for me.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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