Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 48 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 48 = Cardio 2

A sleep-in-kind-of Saturday morning.  I woke up at 8:30am and got ready to workout.  I came down to the kitchen to find my children causing trouble already.  GREAT!  I putted around for about 20 minutes or so, then I made my way to workout.  Cardio 2 is only 32 minutes long, and for me, it was a 295 calorie burn.  NICE!

The last set of Hot Feet, I ROCKED them again.  I was moving side to side and back and forth, just to mix it up a bit.  To push the UP button in this workout...TRY not to take breaks between moves.  Jillian does this at the start of Circuit 2.  After the Jump Rope, she moves right into Butt Kicks and then (a slight pause)moves into High Knees.  Try to take those pauses out and keep on moving.  That will keep your heart rate up and in the end, burn more calories.  And that's what we want to achieve with cardio, to burn the calories...burn the fat.  With the workouts, we work on building the muscle... and when we build more muscle, we burn more fat.  I can feel the muscle building on my backside and hamstrings from yesterday's Workout 8 and my own little Butt & Bicep Workout.  It feels good.  And feeling good is what is important.  Because when you feel good, you look good that is what keeps the motivation going.

Here is a BIG something that made me feel good today...As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across the following picture on my wall that was added by Oxygen Magazine...

Pretty cool, eh?

It's one thing if I had added this picture to Facebook, BUT it's another thing when Oxygen Magazine adds it.  This is exactly what I needed to get my head back on straight, after struggling with this crappy cold that I had.  It gave my energy levels a boost and the motivation to ROCK this picture next year at CanFit Pro(if Oxygen set their booth up the same in 2013).  

Thank you Oxygen Magazine for the push.

Thanks you to Theresa Jenn Lopetrone for the Plank motivation, and for suggesting we get our picture taken together on the stage.

I will definitely do something with my hair next time.   

I am going to print this picture off and hang it up where I can see it everyday, to keep me motivated.  AWESOME!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Egg Whites and Salsa and Orange Juice

I'm trying to build up my energy by having protein first thing rather than carbs, i.e. cereal, oatmeal, fruit etc... 
The salsa is just to add a little more flavour.  And the Orange Juice...a little Vitamin C.

Lunch: Roast Beef with Mushrooms and Onions
Leftovers!  Yay!...No cooking today after a busy morning of sewing.  


I was busy working on an order of kids aprons for a SupperWorks location(Canada).  They ordered Maus Wear's "The Great Tomato" apron for their children's sessions.  If you haven't checked SupperWorks out yet, I suggest you do.  They have a great menu each month, and a wonderful set up for you to create some great healthy meals for you and your family.  Check out their calendar for the next Child Session, maybe your kids will be sporting one of The Great Tomato aprons by Maus Wear.  
If you have checked out Maus Wear, you will have seen some pretty cool items for babies, toddlers and beyond.  Some of which are from the clothing line Sticks & Stones.  These designs are from friends of mine who are amazing artists.  They have now turned their talents to placing them on bodies...  They have both become Tattoo Artists.  Their works of art will be yours forever.  Check out and LIKE their Facebook page... 
We all have to help each other.  Pay it forward...

Okay, I got side tracked away from lunch.  While I was getting lunch served up, something happened.  I was cutting some bread for my kids, and I cut my finger and my thumb...F$#K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My husband was upstairs in the bathroom and I told the kids to "tell Daddy I cut myself", so they started shouting.  He couldn't hear them.  I told them to "go get him".  My thumb was throbbing and I was in pain, the kids came to my rescue with getting their Daddy.  He came down with first aid supplies and fixed me up.
Don't worry there will be no bloody pictures.  Damn bread...Bad Carbs, Bad!  I didn't eat any it was for the kids.  It was a sign that they shouldn't have eaten it either.  BAD!!!!

Snack: Organic Dark Chocolate Cacao Nibs

Dinner: Chili
Chili from Tim Horton's 
After the accident of the cutting of the thumb and finger, I didn't feel like cooking much.  My thumb is actually hard to move right now.  Thankfully I don't need my thumb to type.

After lunch we went out for a walk on this semi-dreary day.  My walk was cut short because my son was messing around and he fell into a huge puddle.  He wanted to head back home.  My husband and daughter continued on, while we went back to the house.  On our way back I snapped a few photos of this Fall day...

Fall is such a beautiful season even on the dreariest of days.

There's my little wet rat up ahead.
He was soaked almost from head to toe.

A long time ago, I admitted to you all that I AM a Chocoholic...I am, there is no denying it...I even bathe with it...or a least kind of a form of it...

It smells wonderful!

Tomorrow is my Rest Day.  A day planned to spend my day Planning.  The cold is gone and the time has come to refocus and get ready to get stronger once more.

Until then...Stay Strong!

But before I go, if you could, please share this with your friends, tell them about my blog and to check out and LIKE my Facebook page. Together you can drive the numbers up to help me hit my goal of 100 blog followers and 200 LIKEs by November 8th.  At that time I will then register for the Tough Mudder Toronto 2013.  Send me into the MUD!  Lets get DIRTY, in a clean sort of way.

Thank you and Good night


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