Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick Recap of…Tighten Up Tuesday and Today


I knew that I could sleep in a little bit this morning as my kids did not have school today due to the one day teachers strike.  SO…

…my husband tried to wake me up at 5:20am; I rolled over and went back to sleep, only to be woken up by my alarm at 5:30am.  I stayed in bed until 6am.  I was up and ready to work the back of my body.

I decided to stick with Body Revolution, and I chose Workout 6 for today’s workout.  It again is one of my favourites.  With this workout combined with Jillian’s Killer Abs Level 3, I can feel the muscles building in my butt.

This day, Tuesday is a short post because I was spending more time with my family after we went to the bank to renew our mortgage tonight.  At bed time my son wanted to know what a mortgage is.  Boy oh boy, explaining what a mortgage is to a tired 7 year old…it was quite interesting.  When we were at the bank, he was worried that we were going to move.  I guess he was catching bits and pieces of the conversation that was going on and he asked me what was going on.  I tried to explain quietly, but I guess that wasn't enough for him, so we talked about it at bed time.  I guess he was satisfied once I told him that we were NOT moving because he rolled over and went to sleep.  I went to bed shortly after.


Today I became a sweaty mess after completing Level 3 of Killer Abs.  
Well then I was bawling this morning.

I think I enjoyed it more today than I did on Monday.  Probably because I knew what was coming up.  The One Legged Burpees with a Push Up sound worse than they actually are.  In this level I have modified some of the moves.  Like the Bear move…I don’t do the lifting of the hands.  I jump with the feet but not the hands.  I have mentioned in post from the past that I have had wrist problems in the past, so I don’t like to do any plyo moves landing on the hands.  In level 3, Jillian also does Clapping Mountain Climbers; I just do regular Mountain Climbers instead.  Even though I modify some of the moves, I am still working hard.  I work out hard…I work out safe. 

I mentioned in the recap of yesterday that my butt is getting a real workout from the combination of these workouts that I am doing right now.  Well…I can really feel it in my backside today.  
That's not my butt in the picture...not yet anyways.

All my hard work is making me feel strong again after battling with an ongoing cold from the start of the fall season.  I tired of having a stuffy nose, sneezing fits and headaches.  We welcome the first day of winter on Friday, and I hope that this winter holds good health and happiness for me and to you too. 

The last couple days I have been doing some Christmas baking, and with baking comes sampling to see if it’s good enough to others.  So I have had some treats that I would not normally eat.  I have fallen off track a bit with logging my food on but that doesn't mean I am totally off track.  Over the next week and a half my food logging may still be hit and miss, but I will still be logging in my workouts.  It’s nice to take a break from logging everything ALL the time.  I have logged into MFP over 540 days (I think that was the last count update, or close to it).  And for most of those days, I have logged ALL my food.  So this is my little vacation.

Speaking of food and foods that I should not really be eating…I will tell you what I made today.

Coconut Bars - CLEAN
Sponge Toffee - CLEAN
Sugar Cookies – CLEAN

Well as CLEAN as you can make the above 3 goodies.

I will have some pictures hopefully tomorrow.  I am making up some gifts for my children’s teachers and I thought I would make goodies that may look NAUGHTY, but really they are NICE.  Nice and healthy, or at least a healthier version. 

Ingredients used in my recipes include…

Coconut oil, butter, honey, coconut palm sugar, organic cane sugar, whole wheat flour, spices, dark chocolate, vanilla

These are all ingredients that can be pronounced with ease.  It’s not like you need a dictionary to find the meaning of any of them or figure out how to pronounce them.  I ran out of coconut oil, so I had to use some butter for the sugar cookies.  But again, butter is easy to say and it IS natural, unlike margarine. 

Tonight I had to run out and get some more coconut palm sugar.  I was in the Bulk Barn and I was standing at the sugar bins and I was contemplating on trying Xylitol.  I Googled it and read a bit about it before making my decision.  My decision was made when it came to the part about it having a laxative effect.  Ah…no thank you.  I don’t want to give a gift that is going to send people running for the bathroom.  Now for that to happen though, people would have to take in high quantities of the food containing Xylitol.  With the goodies that I am making, that is quite possible.  (It also depends on each individual too).  I promise I will post pictures of these goodies tomorrow.  If my kid's teachers are reading this post tonight, sorry to ruin the surprise.  But just know this, you are getting some healthier versions of sinfully delicious treats.

Well it is getting late and I am ready for my bed.  I will get back to posting more food pictures soon.  I will also have some more recipes again too.

Thanks for reading and I will talk to you again tomorrow.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night

I would rather feel sore tomorrow. 

What about YOU?

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