Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rest Day = A Birthday Party + A Quiet Lunch with My Husband + Another Birthday Party

Today’s Rest Day was a busy one.  I knew that today would be very busy, so I did the grocery shopping yesterday and got things ready for this coming week.  It’s back to week one of the “4 Weeks to a Leaner You” meal plan.  I don’t mind at all because these meals are fantastic and I am really enjoying pretty much all of them. 

I didn’t write last night as I was snuggling with my son while we watched a movie.  I should be recapping yesterday as well as today, but the time is moving along and I’m afraid I would be up way too late if I did both days in full.  So here is a very quick recap of yesterday…

Workout: Cardio…Burlesque Quick Fit Workout + Burlesque Sexy Sculpt Workout
I will talk about these more another day.

Breakfast: Protein Pancakes with Almond Butter

In the sunshine.

Lunch: BLT

Snack: Pear, Cheese String, Protein Powder mixed with water

Dinner: Steak with Kale and Quinoa

Snack: Apple with Natural Peanut Butter

One of my snacks was supposed to be the Pina Colada Protein Shake.  I made it, I tried it, and I didn’t really care for it.  I like pineapple and coconut, but not really mixed together in a drink.

 I may try again next time.
My husband enjoyed it though.

Today’s recap…

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Winter Morning Quinoa

And THAT it was!  A winter morning for sure.  
Through the night, the wind blew and the snow came.  The ground was covered once again with snow.  So this morning’s breakfast was only fitting.  I did change it up this week.  Instead of using a pear, I used an apple. 

Lunch: Bacon Wrapped Steak Skewers

This was my ‘Cheat’ meal for the week.  
Well in a way, I guess.  My lunch today was to be a Steak Salad with goat cheese.  But this is where the Quiet Lunch with My Husband comes in.

We dropped our children off at The Museum for a Birthday party...

...and we went out for lunch to Boston Pizza.  I have ordered this same meal before and it’s a good one.  It’s actually on the appetizers menu.  I didn’t use the sauce that it is served with, but I did give into the Onion Straws.  Onion good…batter, not so good.

Dinner: Roast Beef served with a Salad with Greek Salad Dressing

Okay…so this wasn't on the meal plan either, BUT after picking up the kids from birthday party #1, we made our way to my Mum and Dad’s home for my Dad’s 84th Birthday dinner with my family.  So it’s was Birthday party #2 time.
Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

Snack: I ate CLEAN.  I resisted the Chocolate “Spaghetti and Meatball” cake that my Mum had made for dessert.

Instead I opted for a healthy Banana Loaf that my sister had made.  I was even tempted by the chocolate cake.  Stay Strong!
So good!

Tomorrow it’s back to my strength training workouts.  As I mentioned the other day, I add another day this week.  I will be doing some more cardio too this week.  I am going to bump it up a notch this week.

I’m feeling great and I’m feeling strong!  Looking forward to what this week has to offer up.  It will be the same food as week one, but you know me I will probably change things up a bit.

Now…onto the winner of the Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss DVD…

The winner is…

Congratulations Jamie!  I will contact you to get your shipping information.

Thanks to all those who left comments on my blog, on Facebook or on  I know that some of you that read my blog are unable to comment on the blog itself, so commenting on Facebook or MFP is okay with me.  I LOVE hearing from YOU.  YOU are an inspiration to me.  Thank you.

All right, I need to get my butt into bed now.  5:30am on a cold winter morning will feel like it’s coming 2 hours earlier.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. I mentioned that I didn't write last night because I was snuggling with my son.  We were watching a movie starring Matt Damon.  In the movie, Matt was running for the senate and he wore a suit and tie pretty much through the movie.  My son told me he wanted to be a business man and wear a suit and tie.  So today when he was getting dressed, he asked me where his black tie was.  And this is how he went to the birthday party...


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