Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TapouT XT Day 23 of 90

Day 23 = Buns and Guns XT + Ultimate Abs XT

Well I guess that run last night really knocked me out.  I slept through my alarms this morning and woke up to find out that it was already 6:30am…$#!%...I guess I needed the extra sleep.

I did however get it all done this evening.  After making dinner my daughter wanted to come running with me, so I decided to run with her.  I set up my timer to mark out 1K for us to run.  My son wanted to come too, so we set out to run around the pond behind our home.  We started to walk, well I started out with a walk to warm up, my daughter galloped down the sidewalk and my son started to sprint and then I told them to slow down.  Once we got to our post box, we started into our run; again they both started out fast.  I knew my son was just out there to be in the lead the whole way around.  At the half way point, my son was already near the point where we began to run and I told him to keep going.  He started to run back home and I told him to go around the pond again.  He didn’t want to, and the whining started.  Once my daughter and I made it up to the top, we kept going but my son sat down, still sulking because he was now not in front any more.  My daughter and I turned around and ran back up to meet my son.  He took off back home and my little girl and I kept running.  She was so cute, she said her legs were hurting but she didn’t stop running.  We ran back home and the run was complete, so we walked a bit to cool down.  She’s a trooper!  My son did great as well, he just has to listen and take his time and not worry about being first ALL the time.  He is very competitive.  I want them both to get in a few more 1K runs before I sign them up for the Dirty Dash happening in July.  It was fun and very motivating seeing my little ones out running and being so active.  AWESOME!!!!  I wish I would have taken some pictures of their first training session.  Next time. 

It didn’t stop when we got back home.  I still needed to get my TapouT XT workout done.  I went to my workout area and I was joined midway through Buns and Guns XT by my little girl.  She’s so cute.  She was wearing a tank top, her underpants and slippers.  She grabbed a resistance band and started working her buns and guns. LOL She also stuck it out for the Ultimate Abs XT workout.  So if my 5 year old little girl can give TapouT XT a try, so can YOU too!  Come and Get It!

The Buns and Guns XT workout is only about 31 minutes in length, so it was a quick but grueling workout.  My buns were screaming.  It requires both the leg band and the resistance band.  With my TapouT XT red band breaking the other day, I had to use a green Gaiam band that I already had.  It was tough.  The resistance was much greater with the green one; I could barely get my feet apart with it.  I know I will be feeling this workout in the morning.

Here is a bit of a breakdown of this workout…
The warm up is about 3 and half minutes long

Lateral Raise Right with leg band
Lateral Raise left with leg band
Rear lunge right w leg band
Rear lunge left w leg band
Speed skater right w leg band
Speed skater left w leg band
Knee Strike right w leg band
Knee strike left w leg band
Squat with leg lift right w leg band
Squat with leg lift left w leg band
Water break
Reverse curls w resistance band
Glute bridge curl w resistance band
Superman triceps w resistance band
Glute raises w leg band around the knees
Plank - bring out feet w leg band at ankles
Superman pulses w leg band at ankles
Bun blaster 1:40 w leg band at ankles

Cool down 2:17

There are more moves and water breaks in this workout than the ones shown above, but as Mike says, "Come and Get It!"  Get your TapouT XT program and get YOUR TapouT body.
The first part of the workout before the water break really targets your Buns. I can already feel it in the sides of my butt.  I really liked doing the Speed Skater and I think that's why I am feeling it on my sides already.  There is also more Plank moves in this one too, those will definitely help strengthen your core as well as get you great Buns and Guns.

It was cute when my daughter was doing the last moves.  It she couldn't quite do what Mike and the crew were doing, she told me that she was "just going to do it like this".  I told her that was fine and to do what she can.  When Mike says TapouT XT, she said, “Mummy, it’s X T”, and she raises her hands up to make the letters as she did the other week.  She was also doing the old fist pump and high fives.  So cute!

This picture was from the other week.

I loved today; it was a great boost of motivation to spend this time with my children doing fitness related activities.  I love watching them making good choices to be healthy and happy children.  And I am proud of myself, for setting a great example for them both.

Now I just have to teach my little girl to stay in her own bed at night.  She is getting better, but just lately she has been coming in almost every other night.  So with that said, I am off to bed.  Tomorrow I have another TapouT XT workout that I have not yet done.  Muay Thai, I’m looking forward to it.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


P.S. - Sorry for the lack of pictures today.  I deleted my breakfast picture by accident, my lunch was delicious but the picture didn't do it justice, and I was so hungry after working out tonight I forgot to take a picture of my dinner.  All good CLEAN foods and lots of water to drink. 

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