Thursday, April 25, 2013

TapouT XT Day 24 of 90 and Day 25 of 90

Day 24 = Muay Thai

I’m a little late with this post, but not forgotten.  Well it has been forgotten, but not for ever.  I like this one a lot, but because I did it yesterday and did not write about it right away, I have forgotten the moves.  I do remember doing lots of punches, knee strikes, squats and planks.  I will write more on this workout next time I do it.

It has been a couple busy days that included SNOW both yesterday and today.  And let me tell you, the snow just did me in last night.  I was feeling great after doing the TapouT XT Muay Thai workout, and my day was going fairly well…UNTIL just heading out the door for my children’s swimming lessons.  It was cold, snowing and depressing. 

I thought spring had sprung…I guess not quite yet.  After dealing with my son’s fear of going into the deep end at his swimming lesson, I was done with the day.  I was cold, frustrated and wanted my head on my pillow.  I was in bed last night by 9:30pm.  I was not into sitting at my computer to write a post.

A couple great things that happened yesterday both had something to do with COLOUR.
For those of you that did not get into the June 22nd Color Me Rad 5K run in Toronto...they have added another day on the 23rd of June... register NOW before it sells out too.

The second colourful happening was that I found another 5K run full of colour.  The Color Vibe 5K coming soon to Toronto.  

The date was not yet posted but you can preregister to secure your spot.  I will keep you posted on this event as more details become available.

Day 25 of 90 = Yoga XT

Today is not much better either, but I thought I would keep you posted on what’s going on over here.  Today’s TapouT XT workout was to be Yoga XT, but I did my own form of Yoga poses throughout the day, plus my 310 squats in my Squat Challenge.

Shortly after my daughter’s dance class tonight, I got a message from my sister, telling me that our Dad has fallen again and is now in the hospital once more.  It’s very frustrating and upsetting to feel so helpless when you don’t know what you can do to help his condition.  I could tell that my Dad has not been feeling well because every year after my Mum has given me their papers for their income tax, my Dad asks me every time I see or talk to him, “Did you get the income tax done yet?”…I didn’t hear anything from him this year.  "Yes Dad, it’s done now for this year."  I am sending good feelings to him; I hope he recovers soon and that they figure out what is going on with him, once and for all. 

Sorry for another not-so-motivating post.  I hope you still hang with me through these troublesome times.  I promise you I will be back with more inspirational words very soon.

Take care and Stay Strong!


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