Friday, April 26, 2013

TapouT XT Day 26 of 90

Day 26 = Sprawl and Brawl

Mike says, “Come and Get It!”  Well that’s just what I did this morning.  I was up and I sprawled and I brawled, all by myself of course…so no one got hurt.

I was throwing punches and elbows like a pro.  My kicks weren't too shabby either.  Lots of great core work as always, which I love.  I am making my way to Day 30 and I am hoping that my Abs will show through a bit.  I know that I am very strong through my core, but there is that very, very stubborn layer of fat across my mid section that just won’t F$#% off!  It’s like my body doesn't want to let go.  But my mind does!

I say to my body…“It’s time to let go” and “you don’t need that fat anymore, I have the muscle to replace it, and if I don’t have it all, I will get it!  I will get it by training hard and eating clean.”

The nice weather is on its way and that means more running for me.  And more run training for my children.

Speaking of my children…

This is totally non-fitness related but this blog is about me and all the things in my life.  Today at my kid’s school, it was Movie/Book Character Day.  They could dress up as their favourite character.  So my son informs me last night that he wants to dress up a Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings.  He wanted me to make him a costume to wear.  Okay, I know I am great at sewing, but that doesn't help when you have no materials to work with.  So he kind of went to bed thinking he would be going to school as himself.  So did I for that matter.  Well he woke up this morning still wanting to be Frodo Baggins…I thought to myself, “what the hell are we going to do?”  He still thought I could make him something.  And I did.  I am MacGyver when it comes to shit like this. LOL I looked through his closet and found some treasures to work with.  I found some pants, a shirt, a cape and the only thing we were missing was a brown vest-like piece of clothing.  Oh yes…and a RING. 

I went into my daughter’s closet and found a brown hoodie that was now too small for her.  I told my son I could cut the sleeves and the hood off of it and make it into a vest.  He put up a fight because he didn’t want the zipper and the pockets on it.  I told him he needed the pockets to hold the ring in.  Oh yes…I found a ring for him to use.

So he is my little Hobbit, Master Frodo Baggins…

He’s got the blue eyes and the messy hair and now the costume and the RING.  I think we did pretty well for such short notice.

I LOVE my little Hobbit!

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Crunch
I picked up this cereal last night and thought I would give it a try this morning with some skim milk.

Lunch: Beef Lo Mein

I made this up for the daycare kids and decided to try it myself too.  It wasn’t a big portion, so since breakfast was so good, I decided to have another bowl of cereal for lunch as well.

Snack: Strawberries and Greek Yogurt/Carrot Muffin Bar
Along with my strawberries and Greek yogurt, I added just a touch of honey.

Dinner: Thin Crust Shrimp Pizza
We had our take out night with Panago Pizza.  Their pizza is made with all fresh ingredients and it's delicious.  It's great because they offer personal size pizzas, so everyone can get exactly what they like on their very own pizza.

After I posted yesterday’s post, I made my way to bed, BUT before I did, I snuck in a Plank. 

I’m looking forward tomorrow’s TapouT XT workout.  It’s back to Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs.  I am also going to try and get out for a run since the forecast is to be sunny and warmer, and guess what?!?!?!?...NO SNOW!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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