Sunday, April 28, 2013

TapouT XT Day 27 of 90

Day 27 = Cardio XT = Ultimate XT

I went for a 1K run with my daughter yesterday and she did fantastic.  We started off with a short walk and then began to run.  About half way through, she said she wanted to walk but she kept running and I was there to cheer her on.  When we were nearing the 1K mark she really wanted to stop and walk again, but she’s a trooper and she made it to the finish.  Then we walked, but then she spotted a shadow over the path ahead and said “that was the finish line”, and wanted to race me across the line.  She won! LOL
After dropping her off back home, I went out and went for a 5K run through the trails.  It seemed like a very long 5 kilometers, it was full of hills and I had some obstacles to get through.  Trees had fallen from the ice storm a few weeks back and they were still blocking some of the paths along the trail.  Some I went around, and others I climbed over and under the branches. 

It felt great to get out and run the trails again.  This was near the beginning of my run…

I had about 5 or more hills like this one throughout the run.  
So I ran a total of 6 KM and felt great.  

…when I got back home, I wasn’t feeling like doing another workout.  I wanted to get on with my day and that included going to the hospital to visit my Dad.  We had some other things to do yesterday, so I jumped in the shower, toweled off, put on a spring dress and we were soon out the door.   The weather was gorgeous and I was SO glad that I could finally wear some warmer weather clothes.

We did our errands and then made our way to the hospital to see my Dad.  It was great to see him, but at the same time, it was hard to see him like that.  My Dad has always been a very active man, but over the past few years, he has slowed down almost too much.  I know that it’s partly to do with his age, partly to do with some of the medication that the doctor has put him on and partly to do with proper nutrition.  A balance of everything is needed for my Dad to get back on track.  I hope.

After getting back home to Waterloo, it was late and we still hadn't eaten dinner yet, so I decided to I would take away my Rest Day (Sunday) and do the Cardio XT and Ultimate Abs XT workouts (today), Sunday. 

I will be posting another post shortly.

Until then…Stay Strong!


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