Sunday, May 17, 2015

Playing Catch Up, But Still on Track

I have been slacking on writing my blog, but I have NOT been slacking on my workouts and healthy eating.  It was a busier work week and more renovations had to be done last week.  I was too tired by the end of the day to sit and write to you.  My apologies.

Yesterday I finished Week 2 of the #FindYourFit Challenge.  I did the 4 days of workouts, plus the optional Day #5 workout.  My calves were feeling it at the end of week #2.  There were lots jumping jacks, jump squats, burpees, box jumps, in and out jump squats and jump rope.  Do you see now why my calves were sore?  Many jump moves.  I made through all the workouts, some I had to modify a bit.  But I am not ashamed of having to modify them.  My body is not yet at its best, so I needed to switch some of the burpees to another exercise.  But it was only for one round of them here are there throughout the week.  Some of the speed burpees were not so speedy, but I pushed through them and got them done.

I know that I am getting stronger again, because I made it through Week #2 and looking forward to the start of Week #3 tomorrow morning.  I have jumped on the scale a few times throughout last week and there weren't any huge changes.  A bit of a bummer, but that won't get me down because I know since I am lifting, I am gaining my muscle back.  I feel like I have started to lose that lazy layer of fat that was keeping me down in the pot hole in the road on my journey.  I am not bathing suit ready yet, but I know by the end of the 6 weeks, I will feel that much closer.

Here is a recap of the past week through food, fitness and topped it off with some fun...


Some scrambled egg whites and toast on some days.  And on other days, toast with almond butter.


I made up a mixture of nuts to go along with my fruit snack for my morning snacks.  I packed some of the nut mixture in a smaller container to take on-the-go.  The rest of the mix, I put it in an airtight container to use for the snacks to come.

 Below here is something new I tried...
Grilled pineapple with roasted pecans.  
This was so good.  Sometimes you just have to experiment to discover new taste and create new dishes.  I will be definitely been having this again.

Here is some fitness...

I took my workout outdoors.  The early morning post workout sweat. hair looks grey in this picture.  I know that I have some grey hairs, but not that many.  It's the lighting...honest. 

I bought myself this notebook above a while ago.  I only found it with all the Spring cleaning we are doing.  I decided to keep all my CX-T #FindYourFit workouts in it.  In addition to my notebook, I have also been using the Seconds PRO app to run me through each workout.  As you can see in the picture below, I have entered tomorrow's workout in the app ready to go.

Some of my times may be different from other challengers as we all work at a different pace.  And some times, my workout ends up longer than what it shows in the app picture.  Like the other day, I repeated the Finisher just for a little extra.

Some more food...
The 7 Super Food Salad served with a Sweet Potato topped with Cottage Cheese.
It was so good, I ate the other half of sweet potato for dinner the next night.

A Few Lunches... 
Grilled Chicken and Cucumber sandwich on the Hemp and Quinoa bread, toasted.

7 Super Salad with Yellow Pepper, Apple and Grilled Chicken

Now for some FUN...

I have been asked to make a cake for a 50th Wedding Anniversary party in June.  It is to be a BIG cake with some BIG decorations for the BIG 50.  I want it to be great, so I have decided to try my hand at making some gum paste flowers.

Above is my first attempt at making flowers.  I'm glad I have a few weeks to get them right.
And no, I won't be eating them.  But yes, these flowers are totally edible.  My kids want to eat them already.

More fun...

We took a mini break this weekend from renovations and Spring Cleaning and took the kids away for the night.  Thankfully it is a long weekend here in Canada, so I have tomorrow to resume all the reno work stuff and more cleaning.

We went to the beach overnight.  It was so nice to get away from home.

The kids loved being back on the sand.  And of course my daughter loved being back in the water...

She went right in with all her clothes on.  In the picture above, she was in up to her waist.  But eventually, she was in up to her neck.  I love my little free spirit.  She was loving it!

Week #3...I'm ready.  I am planning on getting in some more cardio this week to help shed more of the lazy layer of fat.  Maybe I will get out and start running again.  MAYBE...

Even though tomorrow is a holiday, I am still planning on getting up at 6am to start my day.  Starting it with Day 1 of Week #3.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night.

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