Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 2 Day 1 CX-T Find Your Fit Challenge and Track & Field

Well I am into the second week of the Find Your Fit Challenge and I am feeling great.  I have been feeling a little bit tired which I think is from the sun and the heat the past week, but I'm not complaining about it.  I LOVE it!

I am down a few pounds from last Monday, so that alone is a good sign of great workouts, healthy foods and hard work.

And today's workout needed hard work.  BURPEES, Plyo push ups and many squats...oh my!  And that was just a small part of it.  The workouts are fantastic and turn me into a sweaty mess every time.

My food today in and out of the house.  Breakfast at home with egg whites and toast.  Snack at the track with mango and slivered almonds.

My Cucumber, Tomato, Red Pepper & Onion Salad mixed with Quinoa and topped with Chicken Breast.  I packed it up and went to my son's very first track and field meet today.

I was going to be out of the house all morning and afternoon, so I needed to pack some healthy food and water to keep me going during the day.  It was a hot day so I made sure I packed lots of water with lemon to keep me hydrated and took some extra for my son too.

When we got back home I ate the afternoon snack I had packed, watermelon...mmm.

Now Dinner was not at the healthiest place on earth, BUT...I chose a grilled chicken wrap and I totally DID NOT have any of those fries that taste so good and 2 weeks ago I would have stolen some from my kids.  My will power has returned.   I think you all may know which food place I am talking about, and if you don't...well it's good that you don't(I think).

So while I had to eat in and out of our home today, I think I did pretty good.

I want to talk about my son and his first Track & Field meet today.  When my son first told me about that he would be in track and field, I was excited...him, not so much.  I think it was his nerves.  Lately I have had Mondays off so it worked out perfectly that I would be able to go see him.  At first he didn't want me to, then he changed his mind.  Last night he told me he didn't want me to cheer for him.  He said it would distract him.  Oh my dear you know who your mother is???  Of course I am going to cheer for you.  His first couple events were standing long jump and running long jump.  Both of them were on the far side of the field, so the only way he could have heard me was if I had a megaphone.  AND...I didn't have one.  I did see him waving at me a few times, so I knew that he was happy that I was there.

After those events were done, he came up to the stands where I was sitting and told me that his leg hurt.  I think now his nerves were getting to him because he knew he was going to have to run soon.  He also wanted me to buy him some cotton candy, but he then changed his mind to a large bag of popcorn.  I swear the bag was bigger than his head.  He ate a little, and I gave him a pep talk and he was good to go.

After the lunch break it was his time to run the 200 meter race.  I found that many of the kids would look up to the stands if they heard someone cheering their name.  So I decided that I would stand down closer to the finish line so that my son would just keep running.  Now remember he didn't want me to cheer for him...but I did.  I was and still am SO proud of him.  I was so worried that he might not run because of his nerves, but he did and he did great.  He finished with a smile on his face.  He may not have been in the top five, but he did it, and that is what counts the most.

The best part of this was after the race he came up to me and told me that he almost stopped to pick up his friend's hat that flew off while racing, but then he heard me shout "GO TYLER GO!", and he just kept running.  He said that it motivated him to keep going.  Somehow I think he will want me always to cheer him on.  That is something that is no problem at all.

Now you all, or maybe most of you know how much of an emotional sap I am when I comes to shit like this.  My god, when the first 800m race was on, I started to get tears in my eyes, and my son wasn't even in that event.  SAP!!!!!  I was very proud of myself too, to hold it together when my son actually raced.  The results for the boys 200m will be announced tomorrow at school.  They also ran out of time, so he still needs to run the 60m race at the school some time this week.  After he ran the 200m, he got a participant ribbon.  He came up to the stands to show me and he was so happy.  The day was golden.

But it didn't stop there.  He was also competing in the softball throw.  After 2 great throws and all the measurements were entered, he was lining up at the placement tent.  He got 6th place for the softball throw.  When they announced his name, he had a smile from ear to ear.  And so did I.  So proud.  I'm smiling right now as I am typing this.

So I am going to wrap this post up with my hero and inspiration of the day...

My love.

Stay Strong!

Good night


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