Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 3 of the Find Your Fit Challenge...Almost Completed

I have come to end of Week 3...ALMOST.  I still need to complete the optional Day 5 workout tomorrow.  I think we are having another garage sale tomorrow, so it may be a late day workout, or a Sunday one.

It's been a great Week 3.  I am feeling stronger and more alive than I have felt in a long time.  In today's workout I saw progress.  Besides my Burpees getting stronger and faster, and less rest between doing each rep or set, my Box Jumps got a little bit bigger.  I started off with what I first started this Find Your Fit Challenge with, my deck out the back.  Now it's only about 8"-10" from the ground, but it was something that I could do.  Do, at the start with some difficultly, because of the lack of exercise that was happening in my life before I began this challenge.  When I first started doing the Box Jumps in the challenge, I noticed that my feet just kind of slapped the deck.  Well today when I started my box jumps, I noticed my feet clearing the deck by a lot.  I noticed a scrap piece of deck wood sitting nearby, so on my second round of Box Jumps I added to my jump. Progress, progress...progress.

My food has been on target.  Pretty much the same type of meals and foods as you have seen in the previous weeks.  So I won't bore you with mentioning them all again.

This week my evenings have been busy with making more gum paste flowers for that cake I will be making.

I think I am getting the hang of it.  

I have to redeem myself with this cake.  Back in March, my Mum asked me to make a cake to celebrate the March family birthdays.  We were getting together at her home for dinner and celebration.  The cake was a disaster...just like how I was feeling.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of that one...maybe someone in my family took one(I'll check with my Mum and my sisters and get back to you).  It was terrible.  It tasted great but it looked awful.  The icing was sliding off the cake.  Then the cake started falling apart.  Just terrible.  Awful.  There was nothing special about it at all.  I felt terrible that it looked so bad.  But now I have the chance to redeem myself in my cake decorating skills.  The flowers are looking great.  I have my fingers crossed that when it comes times to ice and decorate the cake, that it all stays together.  Making the flowers could be considered a craft, but I believe to make them look realistic, it is an art.  I love creating these little masterpieces.  I will have some more pictures in the next couple weeks.

A mention of some food, since I am a foodie.  Today I made up a small batch of Guacamole.  I love it.  I am the only one in the home that likes it.  So it's ALL mine.  I had some for my morning snack this morning.  Instead of serving it with chips, I served it up with some yellow bell pepper.

So good!

Just a few more food mentions...

I made up some Kale chips the other day.  I think my husband ate most of them.  Which is a great thing.  I'm so glad he likes them.

Well I MUST go to bed now.  It is late and we were supposed to get things ready for tomorrow's supposed garage sale.  Instead we watched the PVR'd Season Finale of Survivor.  We managed to avoid hearing who won for 2 days now.  So now I'm tired and I still don't have things ready for the sale.  I know my daughter is excited about doing another Lemonade Stand.  We shall see what the morning brings.

Good night and Stay Strong!



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