Friday, March 2, 2012

Body Revolution Day 19 of 90

Day 19 = Workout 4

The UP button was stuck in the ON position, the entire 34 minutes. 

When I opened my eyes this morning I didn't think the UP button would exist today.  Last night my husband had put on the movie JFK, while I was writing my blog. I had never seen that movie before(or at least I don't remember watching it).  Anyway, he was watching, I was blogging/watching(nice eyebrows on Joe Pesci, eh?), then he was sleeping, I was still blogging/watching.  He then went to bed, I finished my blog post and I continued to watch.  I knew that I would be tired in the morning, so I turned it off and went to bed.  So with that being said, this morning it was tough to roll out of bed...but I did it!  And I worked it!  I used only 8 pound weights for ALL the weighted moves, including the lunges.  I have mastered the Terry Pulls in this one...well, I think I have.  Not much more to say on this one today.  Next week I may TRY("just try"<<<in Jillian's voice), to use 10 pound weights for some of the moves.

Today's Food...

Who says leftovers can't be good???  For this mornings breakfast, I was going to make the Multi-Grain Pancakes with Berry Maple Syrup.  I was starting to get my ingredients out, when I remembered that I still had a serving in the freezer from when I made them on Day 10.  I grabbed them out of the freezer and defrosted them.  I heated up some maple syrup and berries, raspberries of course.  Placed the thawed, then heated pancakes on the plate, poured the syrup/berries mixture over them and mmmmmmm.  They are SO good.  Out of all the breakfasts I have made over the last 18 days, these Pancakes have to be my favorite.  Yes, this morning's pancakes even beat out Day 10's, because I didn't have to make them up.  Quick and easy.  I may even make up another batch up tomorrow and freeze them all, so that I can have them just as quick again.  They did not taste like they had been frozen at all.  They tasted...simply....
Lunch: I enjoyed another one those Tomato Sandwiches on Garlic-rubbed Toast with 2 Hard Boiled Eggs

Snack: Baked Garlic Pita Chips with Hummus

Dinner: We went out for dinner tonight.  I chose Atlantic Salmon with Double Veggies(instead of potato I order the double veg) with a small House Salad to start, no croutons, oil/balsamic dressing.

This was my dinner tonight at the restaurant.  I did enjoyed it, however, the salmon I made the other day was much tastier.  It was nice to get out and go for dinner, BUT I do love creating my own meals now.  I know exactly what I use to create them.  So my dinner choice tonight was something I love, and I made it very simple with not adding any sauces or anything else.
With going out for dinner, my husband, my children and myself, all enjoyed different meals tonight.  I had the above, my husband had a steak dinner, my son had pizza(he's a pizza monster) and my daughter had pasta(she's a little pasta monster).  Going out for dinner is a great treat, and in the past we had done it too much. End result = weight gain, from making bad food choices.  Not anymore.

If you prepare the same meals for your family, you will set a great example for them.  During the week, it's usually only the dinner where we all eat the same thing, but at least my children can see Mummy and Daddy eating well.  For weekday lunches, my husband usually takes something like a Chef's Salad to work with some fruit and homemade protein bars.  I make my son a sandwich for his lunch, packed along with some fruits, veggies, black olives and a treat.  My daughter eats what I prepare for her and the daycare children.  My son, when asked if he likes school, he replied, "I like it because of the lunches you make for me"...(insert the Awwwwww here).LOL  Last Friday when he had a snow day, I had already made his lunch.  He was so excited that he got to eat that at home.  On Wednesday of this week, he had another snow day, I hadn't made his lunch yet.  When I told him his school bus was cancelled and he didn't have to go to school, he said, "but I still need to eat breakfast.  I need to eat breakfast everyday".  FINALLY, something I have said, is finally sinking in.  Setting a good example for your children by making good food choices and exercising, will help them make great choices as they get older.  We have to keep our youth Healthy and Strong.   
My children have both seen me doing my workouts in the past, and now my little girl puts the daycare kids through a workout some days(She's like a little Jillian).  They both like doing yoga.  Here's my little girl showing you some of her yoga poses.

By the smile on her face, she must be taping one of Jillian's DVDs.  LOL  The people in her DVDs must get paid more for having a smile on their face the whole time.  The more they smile, they more they get paid. 

So to sum up today's blog...
TRY pushing the UP button as you go along and get stronger. 
Prepare and then freeze, enjoy at a later date. 
Make good food choices for yourself, and in return it will help your family too. 
Let your children see you working out sometimes, it will help keep them active.
And SMILE...we are all going to look and feel great everyday for the rest of our lives.

Have a great night.

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