Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Body Revolution Day 24 of 90

Day 24 = Cardio 1

"I'm Sexy and I Know It"..."I'm Sexy and I Know It"..."I'm Sexy and I Know It"..."I'm Sexy and I Know It"...No, I'm not thinking high and mighty of myself(because while being sick, there's nothing sexy about it, just ask my husband, I usually have a tissue shoved up my nose...eewwww gross, okay I'll stop, I'll stop) This is what I heard this morning starting at 5:30am, then again at 5:39am, then again at 5:48am and the last one at 5:57am. That's right, I hit the snooze button, NOT the UP button. I did get up shortly after 6am. And because I knew it was Cardio 1 day, I knew I would still have time to get it done. Now all this happened, and I hate to blame this on my lovely sweet little was her fault. Lol. I thought last night I would get a good nights sleep to get rid of this illness that I have been plagued with. THINK AGAIN! She had other plans. She came into our bed for the third straight night. I love her dearly, but I needed to sleep. It was probably about a half hour before my alarm was about to sing to me, that she decided to go back to her own bed. Ugghhhh!!! So I was laying there thinking, "when could I do my Cardio 1 if I slept in until 7am". Nothing was coming into the light. So I got up.

Cardio 1 was a bit tougher on me this morning ONLY because I haven't been feeling 100%. I nearly coughed up a lung after the first circuit. That didn't stop me though. I kept pushing on through and soon enough I only had one more set of Suicides to do. down time. This again, is why I love the Body Revolution program so much...26 minutes and I was done for the day. That's all I need. I'm following the workout calendar and the meal plan and the weight is coming off. I feel strong, even though I'm fighting this cold thingy. I know that not everybody is as crazy as me. Most people would have taken some rest days. I like to sweat it out...No rest for the wicked!! Lol
I will push that UP button on Saturday on the last run of Cardio 1.

Before and after my shower, I stepped on the scale. I'm AAALLLMMOOSSSTT THERE! More details to come. It has something to do with what has gone on for the last, almost 10 months. Maybe some of you can guess, maybe not. Maybe it will happen tomorrow, maybe not. I will keep you posted.

Let's talk food...
Breakfast: Poached Egg with Turkey Bacon & Tomato

This meal was kind of a lazy version of the FBMeal Plan version. I didn't feel like making it with the Greens.

Lunch: Again I was thankful I had some leftover Chicken Salad with Grapes & Pecans.

Snack: Yep...I made them yesterday I enjoyed one today. Chocolate Cinnamon Frozen Banana Pops

 Dinner: Another quick dinner as we had the kids last swim lesson tonight. I cut up some red onion, heated up a teaspoon of olive oil sautéed the onions then added two 4oz salmon fillets(one for dinner, one for tomorrow).
I love onions like this, and you already know I LOVE SALMON. I also served it up with some of the leftover Creamy Cucumber Salad from last night.

Cooking it up!
Dinner is served!
I did the worst thing that you could do. Well maybe not the worst. We had to get going and I wanted to eat before we left, so I gobbled it down so fast that it hurt. It tasted delicious, but it hurt.

But as you can see, even on a late start, crappy feeling, busy kind of day, you can still make time to take care of yourself by making the time to work out and eating right. It doesn't take long to throw together a healthy meal.

Let's talk about some snacks again...

Since I already had a new batch of Banana Pops made. I needed to get ready for future snacks. I made up another batch of Baked Garlic Pita Chips.

Prepping them for the oil and garlic
I want to talk about Presses, Garlic Presses. I am no expert, however, the Pampered Chef Garlic Press is AWESOME!!! You can put a clove of garlic in without peeling it, press, and have minced garlic.

So as you can see in the pictures what happens with the garlic with this fantastic garlic press.  The garlic gets pressed into the dish of oil and all you have left is the skin to throw out.  Awesome!!!!  Not sure the price of this gadget.  I think when I bought mine, I paid about $25.00 for it, and worth every penny.  The other day I even used it to minced fresh ginger.  I am not a Pampered Chef consultant, so I can't give you a sales pitch on this.  All I can tell you that it is AWESOME!!!  Oh wait, I already told you that.  There may be other great ones out there, but after I found this one the search stopped immediately.  So if you have a crappy Garlic press in your drawer at home, and have a little extra money...check this one out or Okay I just looked up the price on the Canadian's $27.00CAD, it also comes with a cleaning tool and it has an ergonomically contoured handle, so that you can press more garlic with less effort in less time(did Jillian invent this thing, LOL).  Great tools in the kitchen so we can save our energy for our workouts.  Ah, it even said it was good for Ginger too...I knew that. LOL  Okay, so there was my garlic press sales pitch, all taken from the website.
There's my little product review for today.  I will try to let you know what some of my favourite products, tools, gadgets etc. are throughout the journey.

Well I think I am going to try and get to bed earlier tonight, just in case my wonderful little girl(I truly mean that too, truly)decides to come into our bed again tonight.  As I mentioned in my post the other day, I know that this will one day stop(our son used to do the same thing, not anymore though) and then I will miss it, so I will take it and be tired, because I am her MUM, and I love that.

Stay Strong!

Good night.


  1. Hi,
    I have been looking all over for reviews and real results about Jillian Michaels Fitness Revolution. I finally purchased it today and am super excited about the workouts. After looking at your blog I think I am more excited about the food!! Guess I'll be pulling my garlic press out of storage. Thanks for posting :)

  2. I gave up on garlic presses years ago because mine was crap. Looks like I should try again! I made the Shrimp Laksa last night which has both garlic and ginger in it. I probably could have saved a lot of time with this gadget.

  3. I have been following your blog as we started at the same weight and almost same measurements! Unfortunately I am not having the amazing results you are! I lost about 4.5 lbs with the metabolism week then week #2 gained 2lbs back. Week #3 lost about .4 lbs. I am almost done with week #4 and frustrated at lack of loss. I realize things are changing and I do have more muscle tone. Up until this week have followed the diet closely but struggle because prior to this we rarely cooked and NOW it takes a seemingly forever time to plan and make items. My husband is convinced that half the weight loss plan is the cooking and clean up! In the past I know my body doesn't do a well on a low calorie plan and I have had to bump up to around 1500 or 1600 cal to make changes happen. Jillian says its simple calories in calories out to lose weight and I have around 500-800 deficit each day with no loss on scale yet! Frustrated! But plan to finish all 90 days. I love the workouts (but cardio 1 is getting boring at this point... glad I get a new disc next week).

    1. Hi and thanks for following!

      Sometimes when a gain happens, I know it can be frustrating but it is probably muscle gain not fat. And you see that in the mirror when you look at those muscles that were not there before. That's AWESOME! Your husband is right about the cooking and cleaning, it does take time. However, you are WORTH every minute of it. It's good to keep busy with other things beside sitting down in front of the TV and then we all know what could happen then...the munchies creep in and we start to eat stuff we should not be eating. I don't like cleaning much either, but I have yet to see my Kitchen-cleaner-up-person show up at my door. Plus, I AM WORTH IT! Keep with it and your numbers on the scale should move down.

      Stay Strong!