Thursday, May 3, 2012

Body Revolution Day 81 of 90

Day 81 = Workout 11
I pushed the UP button today in Workout 11.  I went from 5 lb dumbbells to 8 lbs with the Plank Tricep Kickbacks.  I added an 8 lb dumbbell to the Reverse Squats.  I continued with double time Crab Kicks.  Hmmmm...what else???...I straightened my legs during the Russian Twist(second time around) with a 10 lb dumbbell(I have always been using those).  I want to feel some soreness.  I haven't really felt that yet with these workouts.  I saw a quote today on facebook..."It's not getting easier, you are getting stronger".  I guess that what is happening with me.  I hear Jillian every time she says, "There's always more!", so today I thought I would add some weight to some of the moves.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins

I forgot how good these are.  Since all the Blueberry Banana Muffins gone, I have these left to enjoy.  The three different kinds of muffins from the Fat Burning Meal Plan that I made near the beginning of the 90 days have lasted me until the end.  I will check out some other CLEAN muffin recipes for the next batches of muffins.  I will be making some more up next week, and I will share some more recipes.

Lunch: Roasted Salmon with Pepita & Cumin Seed Crust/Barley with Roasted Cauliflower & Almonds/Baby Carrots

I made a 2 pieces of salmon, so I another lunch all ready for another day.

I bagged the rest of the Barley and Cauliflower and threw it in the freezer for other days.  Just because I will be done the Body Revolution workouts in just 8 days, does not mean I am done with its recipes and meals.  I will be still making meals from the Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book plus other cookbooks.  If you are going to continue to follow me, I will always let you know where you can get the recipe from.

Snack: Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Freeze

YUMMMMMMY!!!!  I bought 2 bunches of bananas the other day, cut up one bunch and threw them in the freezer to prepare for this delicious treat.  Next week I think I will make up some more Chocolate Cinnamon Frozen Banana Pops.  It's always nice to have a variety of snacks.  Today when I made this up, I just used about 3/4 of frozen banana chunks, 2 tsp of almond butter and 1 and half squares of a dark chocolate.  I threw it all into my Magic Bullet and mixed it until smooth.  It took some time in the Bullet, but I finally got it smooth and oh SO good.  It made about 3/4 of a regular serving. 
Dinner: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 6" Sub from Subway
The other half of last night's dinner.  It actually tasted better tonight than it did last night.

Extra exercise today: Walking while pushing a triple stroller with only 2 daycare kids in it.  Light weights too, so it wasn't as hard to push today. 

I mentioned the other day that after I had my taxes filed, that I would be stress free, with a few exceptions though.  One of which was the daycare kids.  I just wanted to share with you what happens on the other side of the door when I take a quick bathroom break...
Talk about wanting to stress eat.  This is what kind of happens every time the little ones lose sight of me during my day.  They are getting better though, believe it or not.

Stay Strong necklace contest entries so far...Good Luck to...

Meghan L, Courtney H, Rae Anne G, Julie S, Erin W, April L, Vicki F, Jessica F, Jennifer K, Andrea B, Helene G...All of you will be entered into the draw for the necklace.


Darlene, Elaine and Bernice...Keep trying you will see the switch up...Your answers have made me laugh...okay more so your husband's answers. LOL  Don't give up!  I know I have challenged you, but I know you are up for this challenge.  Stay Strong!

Weeks ago I shared with you my Secret is an update...

I am going to transplant some of the basil plants as those containers are too small for all those plants in each.
If the weather remains warm, I may just transfer them right into the garden.

I also started the Upside Down Tomato Planter.  However, with this too, there are too many plants for the container.  SO...I have transplanted some and made my own little CLEAN EATING green house out of a NOT-SO-GOOD-EATING container... 
I used my cake/cupcake travel container to make a little green house.  The plants won't be able to be here too long as they are already touching the top of it.  I will use it to start some other seeds.
I will have lots, probably too many tomato plants, so if you live in the Kitchener/Waterloo, ON Canada area and need a tomato plant, let me know and I will let you know when they are ready for the garden.
Pay it forward!

My Plank Hold Challenge Revolution

After Workout 11, I have always been not-so-good.  Times from the past...Monday April 23rd...2:26.3, Thursday April 26th...3:01.5 and Monday April 30th...3:37.0.  Today I did improve from these previous Workout 11 day holds.  I felt strong and I wanted to do better than all of these times.  Today's time...
I just got the email to let me know that June's issue of Clean Eating magazine is now ready to download on my iPhone.  So I will be going now, and I will check it out and let you know of some of the tasty recipes that I find...tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. Well, crap! I've done Cardio 2 three times already and haven't noticed anything...but I forgot I was supposed to be looking :)

    1. Hey Erin,

      You still have time to check it out again. I won't be done until NEXT Saturday. Like I said, I thought I was going crazy when I did it the first few times and then I realized something was different.

      Stay Strong!


  2. Holy cow....your plank times are super impressive!! I keep trying and trying and so far I can only manage 45 seconds!! Maybe tomorrow I'll actually try it BEFORE I work out instead of after.

    Your garden looks wonderful!!!