Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 15 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 15 = Workout 3

Ugh! What the hell time is it??? Oh's 4 o'clock in the morning...time to get up!!!  Insert a HUGE yawn here >>  : O 
My husband and I were both very sluggish this morning. But we dragged our butts out of bed and made our way downstairs to begin our 3rd week of Body Revolution, starting with Workout 3 today. I LOVE the Tree Pose with the Lateral husband, did not. He said that he needed to do more Yoga in order to do this one.  Shall I turn his rest days into Yoga days...hehe.  He is doing so well though. So far after the first two weeks, he has lost 2.5 inches off his waist and about 10 lbs.  He is feeling sore, but he earned's the good kind of soreness.

After Workout 3, I moved onto Killer Abs and then I did Rockin' Body's Party Express.  Remember for those of you that are just starting out with Body Revolution, you don't need to be doing anything extra.  Stick with the program as it is planned out, and you will get results.  I am adding extras on to fill in time in the morning.  I am supporting my husband's journey by waking up at 4am to workout with him.  If I returned to bed after just one workout, I would feel like crap once I woke up again.  So I am getting some extra cardio and strength training workouts in between 4:35am and 7:00am.  Plus some added loads of laundry and some early morning blog writing.  The way we have been eating the salsa I made, it looks like I will be spending some of that morning time to make more salsa over the next few months.  LOL.

I have taken some pictures of my arms, well one arm right arm...

I know that it is a weird angle, but I'm liking the soft cuts that are starting to appear in my arm.  My arms have always been one of the areas that I did not like.  I didn't like when someone grabbed them because I always felt flabby and weak.  Now I have built my muscle which is reducing the flabbiness.  And I have built my confidence up, and I no longer feel weak.  Now I just have to get my legs looking shapely.  It's not about being skinny, it's about being fit.  Fit, Confident and Healthy.  Stick with your plan and you too will be taking pictures of your shapely arms and legs and abs and butt and every other part on your Healthier Version of YOU.
Today's food...
Breakfast: Holy Crap with Honey Greek Yogurt/Pumpkin Protein Bar

As I was waiting for the daycare kids to arrive, I thought, "Holy Crap I haven't eaten breakfast yet".    I pulled out the Greek yogurt and added some Holy Crap to it. 

This scrumptious looking treat was given to me by one of the daycare parents.  It was SO good!  It is a Pumpkin Protein Bar.  I tasted just like pumpkin pie...mmm.
She emailed me the recipe and I made some of my own this afternoon, but mine did not turn out as good as hers.  I had to change some of the ingredients as I didn't have exactly the same as listed.  She also changed some of the ingredients too.  I'm going to try it again and then I will post the recipe for you.

Lunch: Salmon with Mixed Greens and Onions

Salmon = Delicious ALL the time!

Snack: Cracker Chips and Salsa

Dinner: Chicken Burgers with Salsa served with Sweet Potato Crisps and Spicy Onion Bhaji
We picked up an Indian Cookbook a couple weeks ago and my husband has been wanting me to make Onion Bhaji  for a long time now and since we got a cookbook with the recipe in it, he couldn't wait any longer.  So I made some up today.  The ingredients are all healthy and clean, the only part I don't like about them, is that they must be fried.  They were really good, but again they were fried.  I did use Olive Oil to fry them in and patted them with paper towel to get the excess oil off.  My husband was very happy with them.

I had some left over pumpkin from the protein bars so I am going to use it for Pumpkin Protein pancakes for breakfast tomorrow.  Can't wait.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. Hi Trina,
    Nice to hear that you are trying some indian recipes . Onion Bhaji's are claassic. However you can bake them if you dont want fried ones and they still taste the same. Here is the site which has the recipe for Baked onion Bhaji.

    Surely if you need help with cleaning up Indian recipes let me know,I am indian so can lend a hand with that.
    Love your blog

    1. Thanks Yummy Mummy for following along with my blog and loving it. AND thank you so much for the link for the Baked Onion Bhaji's, I will be trying them out next time. My husband is from England and grew up in Leicster, where there is a large Indian population. So he was pretty happy when I was able to make them taste the same as he has had in the past. Like...WHY???...he should ever doubt my cooking abilities is BEYOND me!!! hehehe

      Thanks again for your help...Stay Strong!