Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 8 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 8 = Workout 1 + ...

Back to Workout 1 for week 2 day 8...the UP button has been pushed not only for myself, but for my husband too. He has increased his weights on some of the moves, so that forces me to up mine as well.  Because my fitness level is higher than his, I am using the heavier weights(for now), I'm sure as time goes on he will match the weights I'm using(which he is kind of doing now already), and then go heavier.

After I finished with Workout 1, I did another Rockin' Body Workout, Party Express.  It was a 25 minutes dance workout.  It was good up until the end...when he incorporated in a move very similar to Hot Feet...DAMN!!!  It definitely got my heart pumpin' then.

My plan for the rest of Body Revolution is to incorporate other Cardio workouts, plus Jillian's new Killer Abs and Rita Catolino's(Tosca Reno's coach) Glorious Glutes workout, taken from Tosca's blog about a week ago.  Since I have all that time in the morning I have to fill it in with I might as well work on my ABS and my BUTT. 

My plan is as follows:

Monday's: Body Revolution Workout, Cardio, Killer Abs
Tuesday's: Body Revolution Workout, Cardio, Glorious Glutes
Wednesday's: Body Revolution Cardio, Killer Abs
Thursday's: Body Revolution Workout, Cardio, Killer Abs
Friday's: Body Revolution Workout, Cardio, Glorious Glutes
Saturday's: Body Revolution Cardio, Killer Abs
Sunday's: REST DAY  

I will do Level 1 of Killer Abs for the rest of Phase 1 of Body Revolution, then switch to Level 2 at Phase 2, and move onto Level 3 at the start of Phase 3 of Body Revolution.
I will be increasing the weight and reps when doing Glorious Glutes as I go.(probably with each BR Phase change too).

I must cut this post short now.  I made another batch of Salsa tonight and the night has got away from me.  As I sit here now I can hear the popping of the seals again...equals big smiles AGAIN. 

I just have to tell you what happened at dinner time tonight...

Tonight's dinner was SO good(well for some of us)...Steak with Cauliflower Mash and Salsa

While we were eating dinner, my son's loose tooth started to bleed when he took his first bite of steak.  Well let me tell you, the DRAMA began.  After a few bloody tissues, and hime running back and forth to the bathroom, the tooth was out and the Tooth Fairy will be visiting tonight.  He ended up having a bowl of cereal for dinner.  I think he was afraid the other loose one would fall out if he continued on eating his steak dinner.  I don't know how much tooth rates are these days, I guess I will find out in the morning...

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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