Thursday, November 1, 2012

Day 60 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 60 = Workout 9

Today started off in rather a gross and disgusting way.  Without getting into too much detail, I DID NOT get my workout done this morning as I had to clean up the result of a Pirate eating too much candy last night, and still not feeling well from the other day.  My son didn't go to school on Monday because he was ill.  He seemed to be fine Tuesday and yesterday, he went to school and Trick or Treating.  Once he returned home he dived into his treasures as you saw in the post last night.  I didn't think he really ate that much, but I guess it was just too much, too late and too much excitement.

It was a crazy day in the daycare today too.  No sicknesses, just craziness.  After the kids had all gone home, I managed to get Workout 9 completed.  I pushed it a little harder today then I did on Monday.  I must say again though that Workout 10 really did a number on my backside because it is STILL screaming again today.  Tomorrow it will probably stop as I repeat the workout again.  We shall see what happens.  I am feeling sore in my upper body again now too.  This is all good.  I know that my body is starting to change again.  Throughout the summer I some days where my muscles were sore, but not like this.  If you are just starting out on your journey with clean food and exercise, DON'T let these days of soreness stop you.  You are not hurt, your body is changing for the better.  The soreness will pass and you will become stronger.  Then push yourself a little more, the soreness will return.  Again, DO NOT STOP!  Keep going and you will see how strong you can be.  Mind and Body.

So over the last month or so, I have been changing up my blog by adding more pages as well as some ads.  I  have since become an affiliate of the companies that you see appearing on my blog.  Well today I hooked up with Vans and when my daughter saw the links that I could pick from to post...she FREAKED when she saw Hello Kitty.  For her, I had to add it to the top of the column.  LOL  She told me I had to paint her room in Hello Kitty...this weekend...ah, that's not happening.  Not this weekend anyway.

I hope that you are enjoying the new look of my blog.  The other day I added a few more recipes to "Cook with Me".  I wanted to make up some Rice Krispie Squares but I want to use MY marshmallows instead of store bought ones.  So the CLEANED UP marshmallow recipe was added to the page.  I have yet to make them.  Right now there are too many sweets in the house as it is.  I know that mine would be healthier, but Halloween is a time for kids to be kids and get this great haul of FREE candy.  They get their exercise while out collecting all the treats, and if your kids are like my kids, they don't like half of the stuff they get.  Plus, I have already thrown out some of the lollipops that they both got.  They don't chew gum, so that will be gone too.  All the things with peanut butter in it has been taken away and my husband is enjoying it.  I even broke down for a couple Reese Peanut Butter Cups.  Even the best of us get weak sometimes.  LOL    If you have indulged into too much Halloween candy, don't get down, just get busy and work it off.

So I contacted Color Me Rad to see if they would be having an event in Ontario Canada next year.  They said that they were planning on it and that the 2013 calendar will be posted soon.  Who's with me?  Check out the website and let me know.  I am going to add it to my "Events with Me" page with the date to be announced.  It should be FUN!!!!


It's November now, and while the stores have already started displaying Christmas decorations(even before Halloween), I have bigger things to think about.

My son's 7th Birthday party.

Wow!  I can't believe he is going to be 7 years old already.  Time sure does go by quickly.  It's been a crazy, fun, frustrating, memorable, loving, crazy(did I say that already), exciting, proud 7 years.

I did eat today, but didn't really take pictures.  After my rough start to the day, taking pictures of food was not really on my mind.  Let's hope tomorrow is a better day for all.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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