Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 73 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 73 = Cardio 3

Wow!  Today didn't start off as planned.  For some strange reason my 5:30AM alarm was turned off, and I did not get my morning Cardio done.  I woke up at 6:45am and wondered, "What the hell time is it?"  I realized that I would not have time to workout so I just laid there in bed until my 7AM alarm sounded out, and then it was a race to get ready and wake the kids up in time to get ready for school...BUT more importantly...have time to get down to the kitchen before my son got there.  WHY????

Because of this little guy...

Today is his 7th Birthday 
The birthday monster always leave presents on the kitchen table on his birthday, and I wanted to get down there before he opened them all.

I got my Body Revolution Cardio 3 Workout done in the afternoon.  I was a complete sweaty mess by the time I was done.  I hit the shower and it was time to get the birthday boy and his sister from the school bus stop.  It's hard to believe that I am almost done my second round of Body Revolution.  I have 2 more weeks to go after this one.  I think I may switch up my last week.  Instead of doing Workouts 11 & 12, I may do 7 for sure and I will check out the other ones again and let you know.

A friend on asked me if Body Revolution was my favourite workout program.  She has Body Revolution, as well as some other programs and is now ready to commit to starting her own journey to A Healthier Version of herself.  Yes, this is my second round of Body Revolution and I would do it again and again.  However, I do like to change things up because I get bored of doing the same thing over and over again even if I am upping my weights and increasing the resistance.  I like Body Revolution and the way it is designed with the shorter workouts.  Plus, I like how its set up that you work the Front of the Body, Back of the Body, Cardio and then back to the Front, Back and Cardio followed by a Rest Day.  It's a easy plan to stick to and your body benefits from it greatly.
Now with my second round, I will admit it hasn't been as successful as my first.  After about the first month I came down with a nasty cold that you are all aware of.  It knocked me on my A$$, and it's been hard to recover from.  With this second round too, I didn't follow Jillian's meal plan but I still ate fairly clean and for most days was around the same caloric intake as she suggests for the program.   But again, that cold did me in.  There were days that I didn't eat or drink enough, and then there were days that I ate too much and some of those days it was eating too much of not-so-clean foods.  My energy levels were low and it felt like I was starting over from scratch, like when I was OBESE.  I felt sluggish and blobby.  I knew I was not like that for real, but I felt like it.  The cold lasted for about a month, and still now there are days that I find it hard to breathe while doing some of the cardio moves.  It's funny though, I had no troubles breathing when I went out for a run the other day.  Even today I feel like I have that cold lingering around me.  It doesn't help though with running a daycare and having kids in school bringing home all the germs that get passed through the schools.  My daughter had that cough the other day(which is now gone, thankfully) and last week my son was sick in the icky kind of way(blah).  So this fall has been a crap one in the way of sickness.  However, I try not to let it get me down and I keep pushing on, hopefully it will end soon.  I think if I get out for more runs in the fresh air that may help clear my head.  I know that sounds silly...going out in the cold...but the cold doesn't make you sick...germs make you sick.  So wash your hands...often.  Stay Strong!

The only picture I took of Today's food was Dinner tonight...
We went out for dinner for my son's birthday after swimming lessons tonight.  My son chose to go to Boston Pizza.  It almost didn't happen son was giving my husband attitude after swimming...AND my daughter was giving me attitude in the change room tonight as well.  Both of them were CRAZY and this picture sums my night up perfectly...

My husband and I talked it over on the way home and decided to go to the restaurant anyway.  As soon as we got in there, my kids started fighting with each other...ARGGHHHH!!!!  After looking over the menu, I choose the Bacon Wrapped Steak Skewers from the appetizer menu.  I tell the waitress what I have decided on and she tells me, "Oh the just ran out of that"...ARGGHHHH!!!!  (yes, I turned into a pirate)  As the rest of my family ordered, I looked over the menu again and did not know what to get, so I didn't order anything.  It was just like last week when my kids acted up and we grabbed some food somewhere, they just wind me up so much that I didn't feel like eating.  Well...I did feel like eating, but I was just going to make up something once we got back home tonight.  However, as we were waiting for the other entrees, they waitress walked by our table and said that the kitchen used a different type of steak and that I would be getting my Steak Skewers after all.  Way to go Boston Pizza!  They were delicious.

And here they are or at least were...
As I said, "They were DELICIOUS!"

I tried snuggling with my son at the time that he was born, but he was still acting up and did not settle.  Now that it is getting late and he should be in bed, he wants to snuggle with me.  
Happy Birthday Mate!

So I am going to say good night and I will talk to you again tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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