Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 74 of Round 2 Body Revolution

Day 74 = Workout 11

I have a serious case of the morning-sleep-ins.  My alarm rang out at 5:30am...snooze...5:39am...shut it off and set my timer for 20 minutes...Why didn't I just get up????...I don't know!!!  I did get up when the timer rang out to the tune of the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Zipped into the bathroom, got my workout clothes and my HRM on, and made my way downstairs to my weights.  I was going to have just enough time to get my workout done before I had to get my son up and ready for school.  I put the DVD in the player, but I must have been half asleep still because I put in Workout 10 instead of 11.  Before the workout started, I did change discs.  All was good.

Over the last year and a half I have been a work out machine, and I think it is catching up with me now.  I have given my body a break here and there, and that IS needed in order to carry on, on my journey to A Healthier Version of Me.  And I think with Jillian's shorter workouts, they allow me to sleep in a little here and there.  It's just lately...has been happening far too often.  Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, the cold that I had, knock me down, but not totally out.  I am a fighter, and I will not let it get me down.  I know many of my friends are dealing will colds and the flu right now too...Stay Strong my friends.  Get plenty of sleep and try to drink lots of water.  As a Mum, sometimes getting plenty of sleep is easier said, than done.  I'm sure plenty of Dad's out there encounter this problem too, but I can only speak as a Mum of my own two children.  Last night snuggling with my son watching the movie Elf, he out lasted me.  I fell asleep and he woke me up and said, "Mum, the movie is over".  LOL

And speaking of the movie Elf starring Will the end of the Body Revolution workouts we all start to resemble his dance in the mail room in the movie.  I mentioned this a few times when I did Body Revolution the first time around.  I even added the clip from the movie.  So if you have been following along you will remember it.  If not, check out the movie this holiday season, it's AWESOME!  And you will think that Jillian got some of the moves from Will Ferrell...LOL.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Brownie Batter Banana Protein Pancakes
I haven't made these for a while.  These are so good...
 However, the ones this morning weren't as nice because I didn't have any chocolate protein powder in the house.  I used plain with a little extra cocoa powder.  
Note to self...MUST get some chocolate protein powder for next time.

Lunch: Baked Tilapia with Green Peas and a Salad

Keep it CLEAN, and eat your Greens.

Snack: Blackberries

Dinner: Chili and Baked Garlic Pita Chips

We went out tonight to start our Christmas shopping for the kids, with the kids.  How do you do that? you ask.  My husband dropped the kids and I off at Tim Hortons, and he sneaked over to Mastermind Toys to pick up a couple things.  Shopping trip #1...successful.

I'm going to bed now.  My nose is running again and eyes are itchy once more.  GREAT!!!! I AM going to get up in the morning, and I WILL get my Workout 12 done.  Because I AM going to get a good night sleep tonight and I AM DEFINITELY going to feel better in the morning.  Even if I don't feel better, I WILL still get my workout complete.  And so will YOU!  I know you will because you are strong and you are committed to YOU, just as I am committed to myself and my journey.  I'll check in with you tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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