Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Workout Day 9 of "Build Your Best Body"

This morning I mixed things up a bit with my “Build Your Best Body” workout.  I began my workout with some cardio; I did the 20 minute Burlesque Quick Fit Workout again.  After I completed my cardio, I knew that I wouldn't be able to get in my entire strength training workout.  I began with my Wall Squats and Squats, followed by Wall Squats and Lunges.  Then, instead of going into my Push Up sequence, I decided to do my Crunches and Planks.  I knocked out 4 longer Planks today, with the last one at 1:26.2.  After my Core work, I got in one out of three sets of my Push Up sequence, then I had to hustle my butt upstairs to wake my son and get showered and dressed.

With this workout and meal plan, I am feeling really good and sometimes...not so good.  I can tell I am getting stronger with each day by the numbers and times that I am getting.  The food is GREAT and it has even helped with clearing up my skin.  For the past couple years, I noticed that I would get red patches on my face and they would be very itchy at times.  Since starting this meal plan, I have not had that problem at all.  It may be that I was slightly allergic to something that I was eating before, and now that I have been following this meal plan, whatever it was, it has been eliminated from my plan.  WHAT food was/is it????  I am not sure.  Could it be CHOCOLATE???? Oh NOOOOOOO!!!! Possibly!!!!  I CAN live without eating chocolate, if it will keep my face from breaking out.  Even the good stuff!  I have had unsweetened cocoa powder in a few of the recipes and a little bit of dark chocolate on the top of the Chocolate Mint Protein Shake, and I was okay.  Everything in moderation...RIGHT???
I am a Chocoholic, and if I can live without eating more chocolate...you can too.  We have to Stay Strong!

So I mentioned that sometimes I feel...not so good.  It's more so at the end of the day when I have eaten all my food for the day and drank an ocean of water, I feel full and puffy.  It doesn't help that I am wearing layers of clothes to keep warm.  I think I am feeling this way because my calorie intake has increased, and my workouts haven't been AS intense as they were before.  I haven't weighed myself lately as I would rather go by the way my clothes are fitting, and they are all still fitting pretty much the same during the day, but at night...they feel a little constricting, just a little.  I know that it is the water and that is why I am not too concerned about it.  Once I hit the end of next week and things don't seem to change, I may bump up my cardio even more.  The only problem with that is, I don't want to be working out for hours and hours a day, six days a week.  You know I LOVE to work out, but I have other things I need to do too.  I love the food that I am eating now, and I feel like I am well balanced now with the protein, carbs and fats.  With the increase of protein, I know that my muscles are going to POP in a couple weeks.  I will wake up one morning and I will have ABS to photograph and show to you.  I don't mean a flat stomach, I mean real ABS with the defining lines with no more laundry covering up my washboard stomach.  And if I can show them, so can you!

I'm here for you.  Together we can do this!

I have received quite a few emails the last couple weeks in regards to ME being an inspiration to you out there.  I love it!  I love hearing from you, and what your plans are for 2013.  It inspires ME, knowing that my  words and stories here, are helping to motivate YOU to get up and move.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Tri-Berry Shake and Sweet Potato Bites

The making of...
The Tri-Berry Shake

I baked up the rest of the Sweet Potato Bites this morning and had a few for my breakfast along with my protein shake.

Snack: Greek Yogurt with Blackberries & Slivered Almonds
The meal plan called for Blueberries, but I only had frozen ones and had lots of fresh blackberries, so I used them instead.

Lunch: BLT
Turkey bacon BLT, yummy!

Snack: Tuna Melts
I mixed up the tuna with the cut celery and carrots and spread it on the rice cakes.  Then I ripped the Cheese String apart and melted it on top.

Dinner: Grilled Chicken Greek Salad
This is one of my favourites.  I know I already said that the other day, but I just wanted to make sure you knew how good this meal is.  The only thing I don’t put in my Greek Salad, are olives.  I know I know…what’s a Greek Salad without olives?  I know I know…How good they are supposed to be for me, but I just don’t like them.   

Snack: Apples and PB
This is not an extra snack.  It was supposed to be eaten with the BLT at lunch time, but I forgot.  It was a nice after dinner treat. 

It was a very cold day today and here I am bundled up to head out to the bus stop this afternoon…

I definitely admire all those who go out and run in this cold weather.  It’s not really the cold that I don’t like when running in the winter because your body warms up as you go.  It’s the fear of slipping on ice or slushy snow and hurting myself that I am most weary of.  Since I have not reached my weight loss goal yet, getting hurt would be a major set back for me.  One, which I do not wish to encounter.

Tomorrow is my added workout day for strength training for this week, so it will be the third day in a row for me.  I will start with my strength workout so that I don’t run short of time again.  And IF I have time...I will SHAKE IT!

Until then…Stay Strong! (and warm!)

Good night


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