Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TapouT XT Day 2 of 90

So for those of you that don’t know what TapouT XT is…well it’s a Mixed Martial Arts training program and the XT stands for eXtreme Training.  The entire program requires NO weights.  All that is used during the program is your own body weight and resistance bands.  Great for working out on-the-go as well, if you have to travel, the bands are very easy to pack and use in a hotel room, campsite, the beach or where ever you may be staying.  NO EXCUSES!

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Day 2 = Strength and Upper Force XT + Ultimate Abs XT

Strength and Upper Force XT = LOTS of Push Ups

I mean LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of Push Ups!  I did some from the toes and some from the knees.  And that is OKAY!  Don’t think you are weak just because you have to start on your knees or resort to going to your knees half way through.  The weak are the ones that don’t even try.  When they say, “No Pain, No Gain”…there still is the “pain” when doing the Push Ups from the knees.  You will still get the “gain”.  And progression will happen.

There are narrow push ups, wide push ups, spiderman push ups, octagon push ups, foot slap push ups and many more.  Don’t be scared though, you CAN do it!  I was a bit nervous on the foot slap ones, I thought “yeah right?!” but I did them and they aren't really that hard (but that’s just me).  I found the Spiderman ones tough, tough but doable.  Don’t get me wrong, these are all a challenge, but some are more challenging for me than others.  And I’m sure you will find the same.  The pattern of the moves kind of goes like this…resistance band move, push up, resistance band move, push up and so on.  About half way through, there is a nice stretch that is performed which is great because by that time, it is NEEDED.

Okay ladies, here is something...no...someone that will take your mind off the pain of all those push ups.  A little eye candy for you...Meet Sam...
Hello Mr. Abs!
Even he struggles on some of the moves.  Yeah...even Mr. Muscles is challenged with TapouT XT.

There are lots of different moves that I haven’t done before in other workouts which are nice, because it’s mixing it up for me.  I like the Side Lunge with the Biceps Curl and the Lateral Lunge Pull.  These moves are all performed using the resistance band.  They stress throughout the entire workout to choose the band that is right for you.  Make sure it challenges you.  So if you have a variety of resistance bands get them out and use them.   I am using the Red one that came with the program.  Some of the moves are too easy with this band, so next time I will grab my other bands a try them out.  During this workout if the band was not giving me enough resistance, I just wrapped it around my foot for more of a challenge.  So there are always options you can choose from to make things harder or easier.  Choose what is right for YOU! 

After the completion of Strength and Upper Force XT, which is about 55 minutes long, there is the 15 minute Ultimate Abs workout.  I didn’t have time to get this done this morning, so I got it done tonight.  I didn’t wear my Suunto HRM so I just guestimated on my calorie burn.  Next time I will wear it for a more accurate count.  The most important thing about this is…I got it done.  It could have been SO easy to not do it, but what good would that have done me???  I felt a bit cold and stiff doing this by itself.  I’m sure I would have felt much better with doing it immediately after S&UF…next time.

At the end of the Cross Core Combat XT, the Strength and Upper Force XT and Ultimate Abs XT, (and I’m figuring it happens at the end of each of the workouts) there is a KILLER MOVE which is about 1:30 minutes in length.  Yesterday’s was brutal…The Grinder…remember me telling you about it???  Well today’s wasn’t too bad.  It was tough, but I did it.  I think it’s because I was curling 20 lb dumbbells with my BYBB workouts at the end of month 3.  The KILLER move in today’s workout was called the Karpenko Curl.  You lay down on the floor on your back with the resistance band wrapped around your feet, hands at your sides.  Do a really fast Biceps Curl with both arms at the same time for about 20 seconds (it seems longer than that), then slow it down.  Fire it up, slow down (about 4 times) and then reverse…slow up, then quickly down (about 4 times).  Then it’s back to the really fast ones once again for about 25 seconds.  Your biceps will be screaming by the end of this.  If they are not screaming and only just yelling a bit…pick up a different resistance band and go!  Nothing will change if you don’t challenge yourself.  Remember… “We Don’t Cry, We Try!”<<<That’s me talking!

During the workout, Mike says something to the participant, Mary.  He asked her where she got her energy from…I shouted out… “She’s a mum”…We can do anything.  I tried to find that part again tonight before I did the Ultimate Abs, but I could not.  I will remember to listen for it again.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Egg Whites and Ham Omlette

This was sort of from the TapouT XT meal plan.  It called for turkey bacon but I used ham instead.  My grocery shop over the holiday weekend was kind scattered brained and all over the place.  So I am using what I have on hand this week. 

Snack: Baby Carrots and a Banana

Lunch: Salmon served with a Jazz Apple
You know this is me all the way.  I love salmon.  

I am sure that salmon shows up in the TapouT XT meal plan.  I could eat it everyday.

Snack: Greek Yogurt with Pineapple

Dinner: Burgers with Roasted Brussels sprouts

I made these burgers up and they were so good.  Extra lean sirloin ground beef, chopped onion, 1 egg and ¼ cup of rolled oats. 

I began the April Squat Challenge today with 120 squats.  I am not bragging here, but it feels like nothing after completing the March Squat Challenge with the final count of 300 squats completed on Sunday.  I hope you will join me in this month’s challenge.  

Let me know if you are up for the challenge. 

I am feeling the TapouT XT effect.  My abs are already feeling tighten and stronger and it’s only day 2.  Tomorrow is Plyo XT time.  If I have time in the morning, I may try and do the Ultimate Abs XT workout again.  It’s not on the training schedule but I want to see if it feels better immediately following a workout.  I’m sure it will.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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